In the twittersphere no one can hear you scream

I share many of the concerns about the SNP leadership losing a plot or two. I wish some would STFU and get on with the undermining the case for the Union, all day and every day until THE day BUT…

Show me the evidence that the end of the SNP is on any horizon. Show me the evidence that any deviation in the behaviour of the leaders has caused the massed ranks of supporters to lose their direction and will to win, to deviate.

Trust the wisdom of the crowd.

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44 thoughts on “In the twittersphere no one can hear you scream

    1. Yep, the trolls are alive and thriving on twitter…so many of them, a few indy folk r completely taken in though which is the worry…oh my how the BritNats must be larfing into their champers right now!! Yes there might be some cr*p has gone on which will come out in the wash, but for the BritNats it’s christmas all over again…twitter is to be avoided unless very discerning and blocking the trolls and fakes is how you want to spend your time…

      It’s off the chart!!

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    1. I have to agree with you after reading about the SNP NEC meeting today on that web site that everyone reads but now is a sackable offence if SNP members retweet any articles from it.

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  1. “The wisdom of crowds”?
    Hmm. Well all the Brit Nat Commentariat and some of the Scot Nat variety have written off the SNP. Crowds of golden dafties, maybe.

    I have come to the conclusion that the black arts of security are involved in this. We can be sure that infiltration of the independence movement has been ongoing–probably for decades.
    How ironic would it be, if innocent Brit Nat “journalists” happened on black agitprop from Brit Nat agents pretending to be SNP.
    Then they write their knocking copy about the death of independence based on this mince.
    “Never mind the polls, the Nats are DOOMED,DOOMED I say”!

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  2. This unelected NEC man (i think) dares to use the word democracy. The NEC is 70% unelected members.

    Unelected Fiona Robertson got Grousebeater kicked out using these tactics.

    Welcome to the new SNP, buy buy Indi.
    First they come for ……


  3. “Don’t follow leaders”!
    Those who cannot think for themselves should NOT allow others to think for them.
    But they do. And factionalism has become rife.
    Understand, probably everyone you trust is lying to you.

    Fer fecks sakes, CONCENTRATE on what is important
    That is not Wings, who is mercenary.
    or Sturgeon, who has flaws.
    Or Salmond, another flawed person.
    or me, who trusted in all the above, but who is an idiot.


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  4. The determination from some within the SNP’s to deny biological reality and privilege men’s rights, is now alarmingly apparent. This isn’t only ill-informed bigotry and misogyny on stilts, it threatens good public health in Scotland. The social inclusion of trans-individuals is a worthy cause, but certainly not at the expense of practical law and natural rights. Especially as the legal identity of natal women is already well defined in law.

    The SNP is not going to disappear, and will almost certainly still play an important role in liberating Scotland. So it’s up to the membership to regain sanity and democracy within the party.

    Rethinking the biopsychosocial model of health: Understanding health as a dynamic system

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  5. O/T completely but … if one wants to find an event that talks up (and down) Scotland (or at least west of Scotland!) with insight and honesty – with no cringe, no hubris – with all its richness, all its flaws, its wider relevances to all the world’s ‘conditions’ around masculinity … tonight’s online event from the Paisley Book Festival was one to listen to. For those that didn’t it’s one to catch up with via the Festival’s website. IMHO SUPERB!

    It involved the authors Douglas Stuart, Andrew O’Hagan, Graeme Armstrong and Kirstin Innes – reading from their recent novels and discussing west of Scotland’s ‘masculinities’ (note the plural!). Refreshing, insightful – go watch.

    Sorry John if you don’t like adverts but this was exceptional!!

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    1. Alex Montrose
      All this brings back to mind a comment from a Champion Jump Jockey whose name escapes me
      When after winning the championship for the 1st of many times in his career
      He was asked how he does it
      His reply when i retire i shall tell you
      And here was his reply upon retirement
      I noticed very often that many of my fellow jockeys often fell because as they approached
      The fence to be cleared they were paying more attention as how to take the next fence after the one in front of them
      I solely concentrate entirely on the fence in front of me, as easy as that
      A lesson we in the Indy movement would be strongly advised to heed

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  6. Much ado about nothing as usual. Away and boil yer heid blogger.

    The SNP (transgender) youth went after the twitter account. The next generation. Hell had no fury like a non SNP member. Can’t stop interfering. Live and let live. Try it.


    1. “Democracy OR SNP. Apparently you cannot have both.” I’m uncertain as to your meaning here, Ms Gibb. What weight is ‘apparently’ bearing?

      What are you asserting, what are you implying? Two words – (i) democracy and (ii) SNP – are both important, I suspect, to most visitors to this site. I’m keen to see an end to innuendo and to see any case set out clearly, fully with supporting evidence for all to consider and potentially respond. This is important stuff!

      Candidly, I’m not sure what you wish to be taken from your comment. Are you seeking to cast a slur on the SNP or on its critics???

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    2. Julia
      It is only Indy we not only want but need for the sake of future generations
      We ourselves that have had our future plundered
      The rest can be sorted out once achieved
      Never ever take your eyes off the ball

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  7. One thing to consider, when do you see any Tory member starting a social media attack on their own leader and his cabinet, no matter what they do, break the law? All fine. Do the members start infighting, taking it to max level, and leaving publicly in their droves? Huh, they party I give millions to and vote for don’t do everything I want,
    I’m out of hear who’s joining me? Said no Tory ever in order to bring down the party!


  8. As I have some professional insight into cognitive linguistics and bio-neurologically sensitive law, I though I should share this before it becomes proscribed knowledge in Scotland. Please fill your boots, or at least dip your toe.

    Btw, the proposed GRA amendments are so poorly drafted as to be almost certainly a deliberate effort to undermine the social position of women. The original GRA enables individuals to legally adopt the opposite gender (sex) to which they were born into. It does not refer to the changing of sex, as it is physically impossible to do so. Though the proposed legislate implies it is not only possible, but one should be assisted by the state to do so. This is “policy creep” on steroids, that has only been possible as ‘our’ civil service were instructed to abandon a gender-critical approach to law and public policy.

    Institutionally Embodied Law: Cognitive Linguistics and the Making of International Law


    1. Like the OBFA and others which the Greens and BritNat parties made sure were overturned, the same can be done with this gender self ID thing I am sure. Why are the BritNats not up in arms about it? They usually manage to have bills and laws changed when it suits their own agenda and narrative, in Scotland.
      It might sound daft but could women ID as men to close the gender pay gap and land the higher paid jobs, half joking!

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  9. P.S. This mess is grounded in the conflation of gender, a.k.a. sex, which is grounded in biology, with gender-ideology, which is grounded in psychology. Which is a domain the law has no legal power or right to control.


    1. OK CameronB I get where you’re positioned on the GRA issue – ‘deliberate effort to undermine the social position of women’ etc. That’s very clear and quite an assertion!

      From your contributions btl, I perceive you as someone who wishes to present as having a good degree of appreciation of the foundations of social policy plus having a facility with the use of academic literature and an ability to analyse and deploy its findings in argument.

      So a challenge. On the GRA issue, why have other countries adopted similar reforms – Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Argentina, Malta, others (?). Were the societal issues different; was the debate different – were they less socially conservative than Scotland; was the evidence presented different; was their democratic processes deficient to the extent that an authoritarianism overwhelmed oppositional views; have the post legislation consequences – expected or unintended – been significantly undermining of women’s social position in these countries? This is a real puzzle for me given how much heat but precious little light there is on this subject in the current discourse in Scotland.

      So in short, was there also a ”deliberate effort to undermine the social position of women’ in these other countries and if so how/why did it succeed, and with what consequences to date?

      Happy with supporting references to sources but really just looking for a digest of – a pointer to – your views on what’s happened and why in these other places in order to gain some perspective. You’ve made quite a big deal of your views on this issue – and of your awareness of and ability to access relevant sources of academic and other documented research evidence – so I trust this challenge is not too unreasonable nor viewed as in any way disrespectful.

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      1. I’ll have to ask you to believe me, but a gender-critical approach to law and public policy is considered international best practice. Other nations may have adopted SIMILAR policy, but those nations aren’t governed by a another nation’s parliament. They also tend to have codified constitutions and codified legal rights. Which Scots law hasn’t been able to produce, as Westminster claims legal supremacy. So Scots are particularly vulnerable to legal harm from ‘our’ government, and lobbying from the private sector.

        The legal identity of natal women is already well defined in law, so it is willful blindness that enables this policy to proceed, as I can’t imagine ‘our’ civil service is ignorant of the law.

        Gender Self-Declaration and Women’s Rights: How Self Identification Undermines Women’s Rights and Will Lead to an Increase in Harms: A Reply to Alex Sharpe, ‘Will Gender Self-Declaration Undermine Women’s Rights and Lead to an Increase in Harms?’


  10. From Dr. Jim posted on WGD Feb. 19 7.22pm

    “All the FM haters might do well to remember her record of service to Scotland, she never swanned off to be a MP then sailed back to be a MSP then contrived to make herself FM and take over the party to lose a referendum then become a MSP again and ad infinitum, she worked for Scotland from the age of 16 years by pounding the streets with leaflets she knocked on all the doors got elected on the list then continued to work her way through to health secretary then deputy FM then was chosen by the former FM as his replacement, and her behaviour has been beyond reproach at all times, she in fact *has been an angel* without the need to publicly apologise for not being one

    Despite the nonsense the haters talk she and she alone is responsible for not only keeping the party up in the polls, because after 2014 support could’ve dropped like a stone, she made sure it didn’t and since then has increased that level of support to a sustained 21 polls of up to 58% pro Independence and during a pandemic which has seen support for every other political leader in the UK drop Nicola Sturgeon’s support has increased in strength

    Following 2014 most people realised that in order to win Independence we had to bring more women onside because previously they were not, Nicola Sturgeon did that by persuasion and policy and brought more young people on board doing the same thing

    Of course the Unionists want rid of her and they’ll use any excuse they think people will fall for to do it, that leaves the opportunist politicians within her own party and they are the same vintage of dinosaurs who entered the party originally by displacing others at that time, they now see a new opportunity to displace the FM like we’ve seen in political parties before, replace her and if there’s any credit going they’ll take that too

    To replace or displace Nicola Sturgeon now from an Independence standpoint is insanity for Scotland, but of course the people who are trying to convince us to do just that don’t care about Independence they care only about themselves and their timing reveals everything about their motives”

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  11. I resent the implication that seeking to defending the rule-of-law makes me a hater. That’s just narrow minded bigotry, and the sort of tripe that is determined to paint Wings is a bastion of the alt-right.

    Concept in Cognitive Linguistics and Biocognitive Science

    Click to access pdf


  12. An interesting arguement that the “crowd” are happy.
    “…first they came for the communists…and I said nothing”

    However can I take it back to basics. The Scottish people are not being asked their views on GRA or the Hate Bill. The State is driving it through without debate or even internal Party review. They are using voter support derived from Independence supporters to enable other societal changes.

    This is a slippery slope and the Crowd maybe only a little behind the political nerds in awareness.

    No comment from the crowd right now should not be considered approval.

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