Only one week after making the care homes safe, NHS Scotland catch up with mass vaccinations

With 99.9% of care home residents vaccinated and the death rate there in steep decline, NHS Scotland has accelerated mass vaccinations.

After just 7 days and, in the last 4, vaccinating nearly twice the number pro rata, NHS Scotland has done 21.48% of the population, just a smidgin behind NHS England, at 21.76%.

The sacrifice of around 2 000 care home residents was always a price too high just to get ahead of the EU countries but even that is now lost to the Eton schoolboys running England.

NHS Scotland’s 7 day average, last week was 60% higher.

Many lives have been saved by this SNP Government yet Question Time will let any old sneering Tory lord continue to deny it, uninterrupted by the host.

6 thoughts on “Only one week after making the care homes safe, NHS Scotland catch up with mass vaccinations

  1. Good. Nicola and co will tell them.Let people know. Excellent information channel.
    Sure Prof is e-mailing or someone if looking in. Great detection.


  2. State Propaganda Unit is gonna propagandise – every minute of every day, year after year. They act in the best interests of the Westminster establishment just as they’ve done for the past 100 years. Of course, that 100 years of experience of being the main propaganda weapon of the Greater England Project means that they’ve developed a certain degree of skill in the execution of their task.
    They are full on determined to address whatever the perceived challenge to Westminster’s hegemony. It’s basically what they were created to do. The rest of the BBC output is simply cover for their real function.

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