Scottish Conservatives contradict the PM and accuse ‘all’ researchers of spinning care home deaths

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Today Jeanne Freeman rejected claims Scottish Government officials spent days plotting how to spin a report into hospital patients being discharged to care homes. She said the comments from the Scottish Conservatives were “absolute nonsense”. 

The comments came from Donald Cameron, above, and included these astonishingly tribal and stupid claims:

Cameron seems unaware of his leader’s thoughts on this. In his Covid-19 Winter Plan updated on 2nd December, Conservative PM Boris Johnson made it clear that hospital patients who have tested positive can be discharged into English care homes and that staff moving between sites were the carriers of the disease.

Here is the statement:

79. In the first wave, the movement between care homes of staff who were unwitting carriers was one cause of the virus being introduced to these settings. The government is therefore introducing legislation, by the end of the year, that requires care home providers to restrict all but essential movement of staff between settings in order to reduce transmission.

As for spinning the results, is he accusing the research teams at the private sector carers, MHA, at the ONS and at NHS Wales, who all found the same thing? Is he also accusing BBC Scotland and their former Head of News, John Boothman, now at the Times, of the same spin?

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12 thoughts on “Scottish Conservatives contradict the PM and accuse ‘all’ researchers of spinning care home deaths

  1. The Tories shouldn’t judge others by their own very low standards.
    How much Scottish tax payer’s money have they spent on spin doctors residing at Fort Elizabeth in Edinburgh?

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  2. The privatisation of care for the elderly has been a disaster.
    The quality of life is so terrible the people in these care homes are always trying to escape , their imobility prevents most of them the rest have to be kept under lock and key.
    Thatcher did it.

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  3. Hi – Don’t know how to contact you – regarding your ongoing wait for the Andrew Marr response – I received another follow up response to my complaint – Personally I don’t think that what Janine says is true – can you advise as I would follow it up if not correct.
    Quote from BBC
    “However, on reflection, we would also like to add that at the time of the interview the best and most up-to-date data we could use to make a comparison between England and Scotland only went up to week 46 (the ONS data for week 47 was not published until the Tuesday after the programme).

    I hope this response is helpful and many thanks once again for getting in touch.

    Kind regards,

    Janine McMeekin
    BBC Complaints Team

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    1. BBC fobbing people off again. Experts at it.
      J. McMeekin, quick search online, 2018 won an award for ‘BBC CAPITA Audience Services for Adviser of the year, call centre awards in NI.
      Been promoted perhaps, or do they operate from NI re complaints?


  4. O/T This evening’s Reporting Scotland had a long piece on a potential miscarriage of justice. It gave much information.

    However, what it failed to tell its audience in Scotland is that if there has been a miscarriage this would be associated with a judgment made at a trial at Newcastle Crown Court.

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    1. The 2230 hours BBC Scotland News on this issue refers to the conviction of a Scot – and tells us his case was investigated previously by BBC Scotland. So the news report makes much of a Scotland connection. It tells us the case is being referred by Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) to the Court of Appeal.

      The news item then includes the information that the CCRC is (in terms) ‘the body in England that reviews possible miscarriages of justice’. Well yes but it actually reviews potential miscarriages of justice due to police investigations and court judgements made IN England.

      So this English body, the CCRC, is involved ONLY because the conviction was made by an English court, in Newcastle. Oddly, the wording of the BBC Scotland news report avoids making this clear.

      My only ‘excuse’ for posting on this topic in this way is the depth to which my trust in the news reporting by BBC Scotland has sunk!

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  5. The elderly could have died in hospital. If left in hospital. They could/would have died there. They could have died either in hospital or in a care home.


  6. Over a million people over 65 in Scotland, (20%). 36,000 in a care home. Increased social care support means more elderly people can stay in their own homes.


  7. Aye, saw Jeanne Freeman rubbishing this accusation at the Covid Update.
    Aside the willingness of some in the media to amplify whichever message SNP’s opposition think may tarnish SG reputation, Cameron did himself no favours by trying “spin” this as yet another conspiracy, it is lesson learned which matters.
    There has been so much guff from politicians over the early care homes decant, the reality is that the 4-Nations approach made assumptions which with hindsight were flawed.

    Yet what Cameron and the media coverage imparts to the electorate is what Scots are most sickened by, politics reduced to mud-slinging, a stream of negativity paraded as “holding government to account” yet blatant propaganda.
    It is not just a constitutional change Scots will be demanding but a complete rewrite of political and media behaviours.

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  8. Tories are in total propaganda mode- trying to rewrite history. They want us to forget their insane, lethal stupidity- which continues. England has the highest death rate in the EU and probably the world- as a direct result of tory chaos. The English government did not count deaths from Covid in English Care homes for many weeks. Care home deaths soared as the result of chaotic failures with testing/ tracing and the movement of staff between care homes. The privatised care industry pays low wages: care workers often have multiple jobs. Tories are privatising the NHS; they award contracts for lethally inadequate PPE – not mention imaginary ships.


  9. The majority of care homes are good places. There are full and rigorous guide lines and procedures. The poor/bad ones get closed down or have to improve their performance. There are staffing problems because of relative low wages compared to the work demands. It can be mucky, demanding work. Cleaning up mess etc. Of course changes need to be made within the system and improvements made. The Scottish Gov is on the case.

    Most of the staff are loving, caring, sympathetic and industrious. Residents well look after and as happy as can be expected, Not all doom and misery. In the circumstance of needing special support because of fragility. The rigours of the human body failing over time. A pandemic brings exceptional challenges.

    People can live longer by comparison because of residential home care and support. Social care means more elderly people can stay in their own homes. Social care £100+ a week. (Funded), Residential home care £600+ a week depending on circumstance or no charge. . Hospital care £600+ a day. Nursing home care no charge. .


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