PREMIUM: Scotland jags ‘broadly, roughly, in the range of’ THREE TIMES AS MANY!

An almost hair-raising announcement but snow will mean there’s a price toupee.

The First Minister just told us about ‘a pretty whopping increase of 61,299 since yesterday, which is by some distance the highest daily figure that we have recorded in Scotland so far.’ That’s 11 352 per 1 million population.

Strangely enough the figure for England is not getting much attention, here or there. According to the Evening Standard, it was 253 688. That’s only 4 530 per 1 million population.

So, broadly speaking like Jamie McIvor, Scotland vaccinated roughly, approaching, getting-on-for, three times as many.

Must be those 6% of the vaccinators, from the Army.

23 thoughts on “PREMIUM: Scotland jags ‘broadly, roughly, in the range of’ THREE TIMES AS MANY!

      1. I think it’s more a case of the bad news fake or real, is wall to wall on shop shelves, on tv screens, on the radio, on social media, it’s everywhere, so much as it might be the case that Scotland’s numbers need to fall faster (and who knows why, but there are still folks travelling into Scotland from really bad hotspots in England and NW England bordering the west of Scotland is quite often the worst for infections other than London) so to get things into perspective the good news for Scotland needs to be reported and shared in order to get a proper balance. Leaving any bad news reporting to the EngGov’s media lackey’s who are experts at it, as I say, real of false and it’s usually false, faked, twisted, and made up. It’s a tough job countering the media lies being as they control the narrative, so let’s see how things go in the next week or two, just wish ScotGov could have implemented quarantine ages and ages ago!

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    1. England pop 56Million. Scotland pop 5.4million

      Divide by 11 – approx % comparison.

      Scotland has more elderly as a % of the population.


  1. II wonder whether there is scope to make this info more readily availablle in Englandshire – not as “Talking up Scotland” but something more friendly, how would folks down south get this information at the moment ?

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      1. I’ve found it’s better to approach the problem obliquely. After all, the aim is to inform not scare the living daylights out of them by bashing home how inept (let’s be kind) their politicians are. Even though they are. So I’ve started to send the information on to my (NW) English relatives from one of 2 viewpoints:
        1) to reassure them that our vaccination programme is actually going rather well. So don’t worry about us if they hear differently – it’s a lie.

        2) the fact that I’m (genuinely) concerned when I read their infection figures, because – although not good – ours are better. And that I really do wish they were up here, esp given that 1 of them’s shielding and neither’s.

        I was also able to tell them that their fears that our health service was disintegrating were also unfounded – in fact, we’d be taking patients from Carlisle etc Wherever did they hear that?

        Would that work with your lot?

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        1. I had stopped mentioning differences re political situation etc, mostly, but will definitely keep that in mind whenever it comes up again.
          Many myths to dispel for sure. 🙂


      1. The missus and I got our vaccination today at Louisa Jordan.
        Not a ‘Sojer’ to be seen. All excellently managed through SECC staff and SNHS.
        The BBC North Korea outfit are a disgrace to the citizens of Scotland.

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  2. And then we were regaled by wee Willie who again put on a display of churlish ignorance about the lagging rollout.
    He clearly has no understanding of the concept of comparing efficiency on a population pro rata basis.
    This little turd has not only swallowed the SNP bad potion which in turn traduces the efforts of all involved in the roll out but has imbibed from the Hancock poisoned chalice that induces a ‘Union is great hallucination’.
    What an utter disgrace of a man.
    No doubt his mammy loves him.

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