Never mind the successes, Snow could disrupt Covid vaccinations!

After three days of ill-informed reports suggesting that Scotland is behind England in rolling out vaccines, we get this headlined:

The Deputy First Minister warns that snow could disrupt Covid vaccinations over the next day.

Here is the news, based on what he said:

  1. Number of cases well down at 895.
  2. Positive cases below 5% for second day, satisfying WHO criterion for infection under control.
  3. R number between 0.7 and 0.9 so ‘comfortably’ below 1.
  4. Fewer in hospital, fewer in ICU.
  5. Record number vaccinated for 4th day in a row.
  6. 99% of residents in older care homes.
  7. 93% of all care home residents.
  8. 92% of over 80-year-olds living in the community.

Last three way beyond expectations and no doubt far superior to England if they ever provide the data!

So the headline is? Snow and possible disruption.

22 thoughts on “Never mind the successes, Snow could disrupt Covid vaccinations!

  1. It is snowing and stormy all over the UK. Weather conditions. People who can’t manage will get another appointment. They will not be going anywhere.

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  2. I see on the BBC News website’s Scotland page, things have been set up to spring a ‘gotcha’.

    This is the framing. First the headline: “Covid in Scotland: Deadline arrives for over-80s to get first vaccine”

    And then: “All care home residents, frontline health workers and the over-80s in Scotland should have received the first dose of their Covid vaccine by today.

    “The Scottish government set 5 February as its deadline for vaccinating those most at risk from the coronavirus.”

    I await with interest to see how anything less than 100% on target is handled. I recall well how BBC Scotland has reported things like A&E waiting times in the recent past. Even when a stretch target is just missed by NHS Scotland, it’s framed as a negative and without providing any perspective on relative performances on the same metric elsewhere.

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  3. “Reach for the ceiling and you may touch it, Reach for the stars and who knows how far you will get.”

    If the BBC are reporting your progress. Stick with the ceiling target.

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  4. Simples
    Problems merely arise in order to look for,identify, plan then enact best possible solution
    Very few even understand this and go into panic mode then shrug their shoulders and adopt the Ostrich position
    But what does SG do in the event of possible
    Weather disruption to vaccination centres
    Well they have done what all good managers and leaders do
    Re priortise the Gritters and snowplough teams to work as a matter of urgency
    To maintain main routes to vaccination stations not only open but safe by working in advance of predicted arrival of extreme weather
    Now that is Not Fake news
    So fully expect NO detailed reporting of such
    Expeditious and proper action
    But you can trust the MSM B***t**ds
    Attempt to report in such a manner in order to scare of those designated to receive their vaccine from NOT TRAVELLING
    Purpose of which is clearly to disrupt our success and save lifes
    And that is exactly why these evil lackeys and quislings Must be held to account upon Indy
    Make no mistake they fully know what they are doing and could not care less about Humanity
    Sub Human they are
    Show no mercy or give any quarter on their
    Day of upcoming reckoning
    Pleading ignorance by them must only invite
    Severely more punishment
    They are NAZIS
    and all that good people have to do in order for evil to win

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  5. A group of my friends in Glasgow, 8 people, have all either been vaccinated or will be by Tuesday next week. None of them are older than 68.
    Willie Rennie! Take note!

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  6. Serious disruption of vaccination in England.

    lex thomson@alextomo
    So the final wash up on all this from ONS stats with CQC NHSEngland and Scotgov input is that Scotland completed vax in elderly care homes by Monday at 98% (not everyone says yes or can be Vax’d).The real English figure is around 80% of all residents as opposed to eligibles.


  7. @BorisJohnson
    : “…One of the theories is that… you know… perhaps you could sort of take it on the chin… Take it on in one go and allow the disease as it were to move through the population…”

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  8. My 85 year old neighbour had the vaccine a couple of weeks ago, had a letter from a friend in his 80’s in England, says he is due to have the vaccine in a couple of weeks time. Big difference.

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  9. OMG – just when you think Reporting Scotland could not get worse it does. Ideally, I’d wish for a transcript of its Covid-related coverage this evening in order to conduct a careful textual analysis but life is indeed too short. So my take-aways from this evening’s programme are these from memory:

    – the BBC gives us cumulative vaccination stats for jags in Scotland given to priority groups – but despite quoting figures in excess of 90%, the question is posed by the presenter, in terms, ‘but will the SG meet its targets?’ And the answer was not quite the unequivocal ‘yes’.

    – despite really high stats for jags given to priority groups, the programme profiles ONE individual who has an elderly relative ‘who has fallen between the cracks’. And the consequence? Her GP will administer the jag on Sunday. (Did I not hear Prof Leitch say if anyone in a priority group has been missed out so far, call your GP. Have these people no basic sense of operational complexity?) A classic use here of the ‘salient exemplar’ by the BBC, a favourite BBC Scotland ploy.

    – then opportunity was given to a Tory politician to tell us how terrible things are and it’s not good enough – how/why terrible and in comparison with where? Evidence?

    – and to add insult to injury, in its wrap-up slot, the editorial choice of the news items to leave us with are: (i) the Crosshouse incident; and (ii) the commitment to vaccinate all over 50s made today by … the Tory government in Westminster. So we are left at the end with the news where I and its audience are not!

    Public morale and public confidence are key factors in the public health response to the pandemic. The SG and its agencies depend on this: we all depend on this in the collective pursuit of the common good.

    How to dent morale and confidence, notably at the start of a weekend? Simple, call on BBC Scotland and especially Reporting Scotland. This is NOT calling a government to account. It is agenda- driven news manipulation.

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    1. Well done for watching/listening to their propagnada Stewart. It’s going to get much worse in the next few weeks…and yes it impacts how people feel and respond to ScotGov advice and management of this crisis, but that’s the whole point. Thing is this would have been all people had to go on at one time, no internet, no blogs no way of calling these disaster capitalists out, isn’t there a saying, he who controls the media…something like that anyway.


    2. There may not be any “falling through cracks”, Stewart.

      My next door neighbour and friend has been receiving treatment for cancer.We are a couple of years apart in age so he might have expected to be vaccinated already, as I have been.

      To check why he had not received a letter he rang the helpline which he found helpful and useful. No definite answer as to why he had not received a letter was given. It was suggested his treatment might be the cause and he might expect to be vaccinated at home. That sounds sensible


  10. Former professional footballer, Alan McNally, may take over as Director of Test and Trace, England from Dido Harding.

    He tweets.

    I just want to make clear as both a Professional Footballer and total legend at Aston Villa, and the voice of reason at Sky Sports that I did indeed know with near biological certainty that SARS-CoV-2 would mutate and variants would emerge.

    Meanwhile, how many have heard of this spectacular success?

    Wrexham For Europe #FBPE #Rejoin @Wrexhamforeu
    BREAKING NEWS: Liz Truss announces a trade deal with the Isle of Man. The minister said this would be of great benefit to the UK as the island is remarkably close to the UK & shares English as their main language. Liz Truss predicted a huge opportunity for Global Britain.


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