Scottish Army sent south to help deliver on care home VACCINE OFFER

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The Black Watch arrive in London for a 30 seconds training course on how to stick sharp objects into old folk.

After Michael Gove revealed his lack of knowledge of how many care home vaccinations have been done, as opposed to offered, in England, the Scottish Government has offered the help of Scottish soldiers.

The move was triggered by the realisation that England has fallen so far behind in care home vaccinations that they will not publish the data.

The Scottish Health Secretary, Jeanne Freeman, is also reported to have been upset by the fact that England does not seem to be able reduce it’s Covid death, when she saw this graph.

The death rate in England has been higher than that in Scotland since November and by January had soared to twice the level. We cannot stand by without offering help.

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11 thoughts on “Scottish Army sent south to help deliver on care home VACCINE OFFER

  1. Will Generalissimo Hi Jack lead the troops south?
    Or will he remain in his Bunker, spreading fake news and despondency?

    Ruthie on her sturdy buffalo, DRossy backwards on a donkey with a bladder on a stick. A parade of fools and loopy dupes, talking down Scotland and being fitted out for ermine cloaks of darkness.
    This is Scotlands alternative government, unexamined by Repressing Scotland or our colonial press.
    A puppet government…..of……puppets .

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  2. 30 Seconds training,as long as that?
    The real measure of governmental competence in this pandemic will be decided by how many people were infected and subsequently died.
    All that the Tories seem to be interested in is box ticking exercises.
    Get Brexit Done……Tick
    Get Vaccine deployed….Tick
    Offer vaccine to all care homes….Tick
    Visit to verminous race land…..Tick
    Box ticking does not save lives and deploying the army,helpful as it may be,is just a drop in the ocean in the overall scheme of things.
    The science,globally is saying the same thing,it is political choices which are producing very different outcomes.

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  3. I’m waiting for Boris’s assertion at Wednesday’s briefing that ‘all eligible residents in Care Homes have been done’ to be challenged.
    I was so taken aback given Gove had no idea in the morning that I reviewed the briefing to confirm Boris’s claim.
    Latest lie going unchallenged?

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