Scotland vaccinating 20% more than England for third day in a row

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Image: Glasgow City Council

Fresh from success in vaccinating 98% of care home residents, NHS Scotland has quickly pulled ahead with overall vaccinations per day:

1st February

England 280 513

Scotland 34 881 or 124% pro rata

2nd February

England 300 173

Scotland 38 484 or 128%

3rd February

England 378 794

Scotland 45 085 or 120%

How will Ruth Davidson deal with this next week?

15 thoughts on “Scotland vaccinating 20% more than England for third day in a row

  1. This is because England “offered” the British Army. (Just like the vaccinations)

    We are now a third World Country now receiving Aid from the British Army. I’m so grateful the Imperial Masters care so much for us.

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  2. I note the calls to start analysing the impact of covid-19 in a manner that acknowledges ethnicity. Which gives me hope that standpoint theory and post-colonial practice will prevail. Though obviously not for viewers in Scotland.

    Postcolonial nursing scholarship: from epistemology to method


  3. The BEEB has moved on from comparisons, to now whining about “post code lottery”.

    I saw on Channel 4 (?) news that 15% in England were refusing/not accepting a jag. Seems to be ethnic minorities. Sad if true, as this is the group in England most impacted by the virus.

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    1. Oh Ruth the Mooth WILL not be attending to
      Baby boxes
      I am reliably informed that her diary is full
      1. Being measured and fitted for proper Jack Boots all due to the current boots upon her feet are proving most useless at putting the boot in
      2.Also being fitted with her Ermine Robes
      And to cap it all
      3.Undergoing very difficult training as how to drive a 1960,s designed clapped out challenger 2 tank
      Appartently the


  4. Did anyone else catch a journalist’s (think the Times?) asking NS why she was comparing herself only to England?

    Her response, because that’s what you (not necessarily personally) have been doing and I’m responding to that.

    His riposte? N Ireland’s vaccinating more…


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