Hospital infections up but still far fewer than in NHS England

In the Herald today:

The number of patients who became infected with Covid-19 while already in hospital has hit record levels, figures show. According to Public Health Scotland, the first full week of January, ending January 10, saw 219 hospital patients catch Covid-19 while on a ward for treatment unrelated to coronavirus.

Record levels eh? Let’s see:

Looks bad at first sight doesn’t it but we’ve learned to be wary of graphs haven’t we?

What percentage are we looking at here. Well the NHS Scotland report tells us:

  • 113 (0.8%) were reported as probable hospital onset (first positive specimen on days 8 to 14 of admission to NHS board). In the previous week (week ending 3 January 2021) there were 62 (0.4%).
  • 219 (1.5%) were reported as definite hospital onset (first positive specimen date was 15 or more days after admission to NHS board). In the previous week (week ending 3 January 2021) there were 88 (0.6%).

There are 129 000 beds in Scotland’s hospitals and a total of 219 had confirmed hospital-onset cases in them last week while another 113 had probable cases.

Puts things in perspective? And, remember a one-week change is not yet a trend, worrying or otherwise.

Finally, try finding figures for England. You won’t. They’ve stopped gathering them, it seems. Wonder why? Well:

Back in October, the Centre for Evidence-based Medicine at Oxford put the rate at between 18% and 23%.

I contacted the researchers recently and asked for a more recent update. They said they would be updating but have not published anything newer.

The Ongoing Problem of UK Hospital Acquired Infections

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3 thoughts on “Hospital infections up but still far fewer than in NHS England

  1. Nosocomial infections are the scourge of hospitals, but Scotland’s NHS have driven numbers down far below England’s NHS figures.
    My first reaction is that a nosocomial infection scandal has either broken or expected to break in England, which given Covid prevalence and hospitalisation numbers would be no great surprise.
    It’s a Tory Spin-Factory “Look a Squirrel piece….

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  2. This increasingly matters little–Johnson flicks away questions with his Bullingdon forked tongue: The BEEB obfuscate for “its masters voice” and the SNP in parliament are are docile as a spring lamb.

    WHEN will the SNP start to act like a pro-independence party in the English parliament?
    WHEN will they rabble-rouse?
    When will they start to let Boris know THEY ARE THERE!
    There comes a time when the endless entitled contempt from Johnson has to be met with a coruscating BARRAGE of contempt from the SNP benches.

    Forget your stupid feud.
    Act your attitude and remember WHY YOU ARE THERE!

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