Just embarrassing twaddle on care home vaccinations

After watching the First Minister quietly pointing out that an offer of a vaccine by 15th February is not the same as a needle in your arm last week, Wallace Lockhart returned looking a bit sheepish.

Remember he had said earlier and twice that England had done care homes and a higher proportion of the over 80s.

Crunching his reverse gear badly he tried this line:

This all gets quite technical

Comparing getting a letter offering you a jag at some time in the future and actually having felt a wee prick in the arms last week seems quite an easy distinction to me. You? Your granny?

Stumbling on gamely, he says:

Now the First Minister sssshe..ssuggested there may be a distinction between ‘offering’ and people actually ‘having’ the vaccine.

Once more, isn’t there quite a difference between the care home manager telling you about the letter and getting that wee prick in the arm? You? Your granny?

Get ready for this next bit. Put your teacup down before you spill it. He says:

It’s difficult...

Explosions of laughter all round.

…to know. There may be people who are saying no to getting the vaccination in care homes so it’s important to acknowledge the fact that there may be slight differences in the figures and good reasons for it.

What on earth is he saying? I’m lost.

22 thoughts on “Just embarrassing twaddle on care home vaccinations

    1. Alex
      All this proves beyond reasonable doubt that all the MSM doth sing from the same propaganda hymn sheet
      Therefore the Jury find HM.Government the
      Defendant GUILTY as charged for crimes against its populace by means of disemination
      Of falsehoods in the form of propaganda against them


  1. Breaking News
    The MOD have just announced that they have sent a message to ALL Russian and Chinese
    Defence pilots that in the event of conflict
    That UK defence forces will destroy all their
    Military Aircraft
    And whats more is that such will be done with
    Less than 100 serviceable fit for purpose aircraft
    This news is brought to you by The Monty Python News Desk
    All in the spirit of Now for Something completely different
    And authorised for release by Boris The Minster of Silly Walks for and behalf of HM Government
    Now we switch to spot the loony

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    1. Pentlander
      With regards any Spouse there be only 2 rules which are
      1.The wife is always right
      2.For the avoidance of doubt please refer to rule no.1
      However with regards Payment Of ABC( BBC) Licence fees
      Rules 1 and 2 are excluded from the remit of
      Not paying

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  2. Offering something ain’t the same as giving something? Damn, nobody told me. It explains a lot of things that happened in my life, now I think about it.

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  3. Just thanking you for your blog . It grows more important by the day- the tories are churning out propaganda now – it seems as if it’s all they do . They went straight into “vaccine hoarding” and “vaccine wars” to distract and divert memories from the death rate in England. and Brexit disaster. They were attacking Scotland’s vaccine rate almost before it started – so there is nothing unplanned about that. They are without shame or conscience.

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    1. I get impression their vaccine propaganda seems to be working, at least as far as England are concerned with a surge in Tories rating. As usual Labour are useless as opposition. With over 100k deaths and constant failings, why are they not making any impression in Tory lead in opinion ratings?

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      1. Robert Martin
        Re. The Labour Party K.Stammer is playing the establishment game by ensuring he does upset the apple cart like Corbyn and release the vipers from the dark pits of Westminster
        Why because there exits a open goal between the ball at his foot and Boris the absent goal
        Which begs the question how
        Because Boris was requested to publish the minutes of the 1st Cobra meeting he chaired
        And after he failed to attend the meets 1-5
        Under parliamentary rules he has 2 months to release such minutes,more than 4 months have now lapsed and not a Peep from Stammer
        It is speculated that such unproduced minutes contain the preference for Herd Immunity
        If so this pulls the pin from the grenade beneath the posterior of Boris

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  4. What an excruciating embarrassing excuse for a ‘journalist’. BBC Shortbread must have at least some Indy supporters in their ranks, how can they bear this? To think we laugh at N Korea.

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  5. The best figure I can find for vaccinations carried out in England is 6 million. Today the FM stopped just short of presenting the logical scenario that if Scotland was allocated a million then England was allocated 12 million. Assuming that the England figure for vaccinations is accurate, I know, then England has used just half of its current allocation.

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  6. Obfuscation is a fine art tuned to perfection by the BBC so I reckon he has all the attributes to have a fine future (albeit short) in the period ahead for the Organisation in Scotland.

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  7. Just like Tory claims on testing when they included tests in the post to enhance the figure or counted a pair of gloves as two items of PPE. Only the criminally gullible would perpetuate these myths and fail to hold them to account.

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  8. Just for the record, though not in a care home, I am an octogenarian living in west Edinburgh.
    On Thursday 21st January I had a call from my GP surgery asking if I could attend for a Covid 19 vaccination on Tuesday 26th. I would class this as an offer of a vaccination, which I accepted.
    On the 26th I went to the surgery at the appointed time and a nurse there, after checking my identity and asking about my health, gave me an injection in my arm. I would class this as having received a vaccination.
    I cannot understand how there could be any confusion between these two events unless the person so confused was remarkably stupid.

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