Is it my birthday?

Two good news stories in one day! It must be my birthday!

I’m a big fan of Mike Russell. He is undefeated against any of BBC Scotland’s interviewers or Tory opposition leaders. Who can forget his demolition of Gordon Brewer back in 2010?

If he thinks we can have Indyref2 by Christmas, I believe him and I’m officially cheered up.

Second, Pacific Quay was on fire? Whoopee! Of course I want the staff to be evacuated safely, well, the cleaners and the jannies.

Did the complaints line overheat and self-combust? Did some god of truth send a lightning bolt?

Ah, the fire was out by 13:00.

Never mind, next time.

13 thoughts on “Is it my birthday?

  1. “Pants on fire” – At HMS Sarah Smith ? Shurely theresh some mishtake.

    Good to be reminded of Mike Russel’s dismantling of the Brewer’s Droop, when hair was a thing…
    And now a special report from Glenn Helmet… “Rumours of dessicated diarrhoea, barbecued pigeons and melted showerheads are denied being found at Pacific Quay Plant Room tonight, shortly we will have interviews with the Fire Expert Poison-Pennington, and eye witness statements on SG involvement from our regular contributor Forres Gump…..”

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  2. I well remember that interview good to see it again
    I don’t want to spoil your day but did you listen to Scotland’s Governor telling us that Boris is the boss,had a look for Jack and came up with this.

    Born: 7 July 1963 (age 57 years), Dumfries
    Nationality: English
    Is he ashamed to say he is Scottish.

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  3. Brewer, what a disgrace. Well done Mike Russell, even then the BBC minions talked over and in fact shouted over the SNP when they were trying to explain clearly what they were doing, and actually answering the questions! BBC are a disgrace they really are but we all know who controls that BritNat organisation.

    I read a few months back about the horrendous situation in English schools, where, well-off middle class parents, are taking local authorities to court almost en masse, to get their kids into the school of their choice. Also if they manage to have their kids diagnosed with any learning difficulty, (and it seems they push for that and go for private assessment, even though their child has no issues with learning!) they use that to take LA’s to court for not allowing their kids into the school of choice, and it’s nothing to with locality, they have big cars.
    The negative impact is apparently on poorer families, whose children can’t access support they need because the school has no money, it’s being used to fight court cases! It sounds like a very serious issue, for local authories in parts of middle and middle class England.

    I am sure that the SNP have the best intentions for the children of Scotland, and are doing what they can. With the EngGov controlling the purse strings, it must be a mega task. The EngGov have cut the ‘budget’ (pocket money they CONdescend to send back to Scotland once they have taken their cut, ie Scotland’s huge revenues) since the SNP have been the democratically elected party of choice in Scotland. The ‘budget’ was higher when the England HQ’d Labour party were at the helm, and of course, they sent £billions back to WM, saying ‘nothing to spend it on in Scotland’, not even education! Thenthey plunged Scottish councils into £billions of ‘debt’ with their PFI scams. A ‘debt’ still needing to be honoured and for years to come!
    The BritNats have a heck of a lot to answer for, I would like to see the books (accounts) for the years when Labour UK branch office in Scotland were at the helm, what did they do with the money?

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  4. As a scientific world-view is experiencing intense hostility from both ends of the political spectrum, I thought I’d try and find a scientifically critical perspective on the thermodynamics of bin-fires. I came up with plumbs, but I did find some science on the thermodynamics of brain activity. Which “propose a framework to connect physical brain and cognitive models by means of the theoretical connections between information theory and thermodynamics”. Of course, this perspective will probably be perceived as trans-phobic. 😉

    Brain activity and cognition: a connection from thermodynamics and information theory


  5. Mike Russell, Jeane Freeman. . . . . How are we going to replace this pair. Apart from Nicola Sturgeon, most competent politicians in Scotland.


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