New cases of Covid-19 fall to just over one-third of those in England but…

An Adult News report from TuS.

EIGHT Covid-19 reports but not the good news about infections falling steeply:

Meanwhile in England, ZERO Covid-19 reports as new cases fall less quickly to remain nearly THREE TIMES higher than in Scotland.

9 thoughts on “New cases of Covid-19 fall to just over one-third of those in England but…

  1. Time after time on here i have predicted that the divergence in number of cases, hospital admissions,ICU patients and deaths would only ever continue to grow to the detriment of the Poor English who have to bear the brunt of Boris and his dilly dallying, utter incompetence and is all to willing to take a bet
    On moon shots and more often than not lose with his wreck less gambles,then blame others when it all goes down the drain
    Once more I state firmly what the virus does is all so predictable if given a smidgen of a opputunity,and Boris is generous with his gifts to the virus

    Very soon as the research widens on long covid, mutation effects,Natural immunity from having previous infection and overall vaccine efficacy and long term immunity offered
    The very early research is clearly not looking good and if proven correct then indeed England will be in the most serious of difficulties from which there shall be no escape and to use their terminology
    For a generation at least
    And all this WILL be compounded by the break up of The Precious Union
    Words no longer imparted from their forked wagging tongues
    A place in Hell awaits Boris
    Not believe me England to date has had 3.21 million cases ( Scotland 0.17 million) pro rata
    Scotland should be 0.26 million.

    Out of that there shall be many long covid ones which will be a massive anchor upon any recovery and for a very long long time


  2. King Boris cometh north this week, to condescend to our Wee country.
    And escape the ravages of the virus—which has infected him, and many of his Cabinet.
    On his Royal tour, will he wear a kilt, and be guided by a sycophantic native?—-it could br DRossy, but really there will be a line up of belly crawler Toadies. The Scorrish Tories and cap-doffers from the collected ranks of the media ( no questions asked and none answered) fighting to kiss his ring–yes, that one!

    He comes to say, ” I have brought you wantum, and beads of many colours. My army is here, and awaits my orders”.
    “Do not think of yourselves as Free Men, or the equals of civilised men”.
    “You are but the children of the Great White Queen, so smile your watermelon smiles, my little Scottish pickaninnies, and DO WHAT I TELL YOU”!


  3. I have detected recently from the SG a determination not to repeat the mistakes of last summer when restrictions were lifted on travel and the virus infection rate then rose significantly.
    Will they continue the current cross border travel ban when infection rates within Scotland allow lifting of restrictions but England remains high?

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    1. UK site warns to check the travel rules in Scotland NI & Wales. Suggests that we don’t actually have a X border travel ban except as it aaplies to people already here. When Wales locked down they stopped people entering at the border. When Wales was not locked down people could enter from England where the incidence was higher.


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