Aren’t you forgetting Lord Dunlop, Nick?


From Norm M

So, Gordon Brown is being wheeled out again, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s Groundhog Day not Burns Night! In their ‘analysis’ Nick Eardley seems to forget something: 

The Tories already setup a fundamental review of the UK’s power structures, it’s called The Dunlop Review into UK Government Union capability. Commissioned in July 2019, and concluded in the autumn of 2019, but the UK Government has never published it (despite numerous briefings to the press that it’s “coming soon”).

We can’t be too surprised that Nick forgot it, as the UK Government is awful shy about it too. Over the past few months, I’ve submitted a number of Freedom of Information requests to try and find out ANYTHING about this review into the “precious union”.

  • Will the UK Gov publish the review? Refused, because they’re going to publish it one day, honest!
  • Will the UK Gov publish all internal correspondence relating to it? Refused, as it would just be too time consuming!
  • Will the UK Gov publish only email correspondence between June-October 2020? Refused, as it would still be too time consuming!
  • Will the UK Gov tell us all how much this Review cost us? Ignored!
  • Will the UK Gov tell us who was consulted in the course of the review? Refused, on the spurious grounds that it would jeopardise future ministerial decisions (despite Lord Dunlop not being a government minister during the review period). This request in particular has been escalated to the Information Commissioner’s Office for investigation.

The longer this drags on, the more curious I become about its contents? If it sets out such a good case for the Union, why sit on it as there aren’t any other good cases sitting around. If it’s so weak and flimsy, why not publish it and get it over with?

But what narks me most, is the double standards of it all. If this was the Scottish Government commissioning a review into independence we would know the answers to all of the above equivalent questions.

5 thoughts on “Aren’t you forgetting Lord Dunlop, Nick?

  1. Why fret and get all heated up about The State of the Union
    Because it is all over now
    Only a matter of us casting our votes now
    All good things come to those that wait
    And to adopt such a view is not complacency
    It is a matter of fact and the forces that had this effect have already past and will be deemed the cause of Independence which is the effect that arose solely from the cause of Westminster
    Such is as true That come the morn,The Sun shall rise again

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  2. Why bother?
    “Democracy” is what Boris/DRossy/Broonie et al say it is.
    You get to elect an new Old Etonian every five years: what more do you want?
    And NO, there will be “No Mandate” for Scotland says Gordo Von Broon.
    Doesn’t matter how many votes you win. No Shurrendurrrr…..!

    Scots in Britain, have no say, no power, are of no interest to the Westminster elite.

    Boris holding hands with Gordo—is THAT a man date?

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    1. Gavinochiltree
      And by chance did you hear Gordo
      On Sky news today when he was asked that
      Many Scot,s see the Vow he made in 2014
      Was broken
      Wait for the audacity of his reply
      Gordo replies oh No it was NOT. everything has been delivered did you not read the small print
      Wow weasel words from a weasel man acting on behalf of a weasel state
      Imagine you had been paying for home insurance for many a long year and then you have to make a claim,upon which the insurer tells you are not covered and you will find so in the small print
      What is the 1st thing you do
      Of course cancel the policy and give them no more money
      But like the vast of majority did as we entered the polling booth carried a copy in full and fastidiously read such Vow from 2014
      And all despite the Vow been giving only 24 hrs before we cast our vote
      And low and behold in vast numbers we did
      Not only manage to obtain a full copy but manged to find the small print to which he refers
      Aye Right
      On behalf of the Yes movement I hereby nominate you for promotion from Sergeant Major to that of Warrant officer of The recruiting battalion of Doubters and No to Yes voters
      As i speak you insignia and eppuletes are in the post in anticipation of your nomination being successful
      Indeed it transpires that indeed your a very real asesst for our cause
      Three cheers for Gordo

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  3. The only reason they are sitting on it must be because the polls now show a clear majority for independence among Scots and whatever is in the report would only drive that further.
    The Tories and now probably all of the London based parties,want Holyrood dismantled so that they can return to ruling Scotland.
    Labour only proposed devolution because they thought they would be running Holyrood forever which also explains why they told Cameron that indyref1 was a shoo in for the unionists and their having to promise the Vow when they realised that they had misjudged the situation.

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  4. My guess is that they can’t publish it as it will show that Federalism is a dead duck. It will never be introduced in England – why should they?

    That rules out prevaricating about the referendum, timing, franchise and Devo Max third question. There are only two possible outcomes, NO or YES.

    Another plank of their 5 point plan clatters to the ground.

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