Devolved nations help UK not be worst in world

You won’t find Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland mentioned in the above reports, often featuring the thoughts of highly educated professors, though England will appear at times.

In some ways that’s strange given that the UK doesn’t hold the record death rate, England does:

I wonder why they don’t use the data for England and headline those? I’m sure they know heath is a devolved matter. Don’t the corporate press chief execs and editors want their old Eton and Oxbridge chums to be embarrassed at their failures?

Anyhow, don’t get cocky Jocks. BBC Scotland will keep you in your ‘box’:

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7 thoughts on “Devolved nations help UK not be worst in world

  1. BBC News 24 and the network news ALWAYS refer to the UK, but the reporting is about England— English hospitals, medics, vaccinations, English Ministers (often referred to as “UK”). If Scotland, Wales and N Ireland get a mention is is to the effect that they “have their own blah-blahs”.
    Oh, and usually Boris gets his say–no questions asked–a wee BBC-special propaganda section, whether on the virus, the weather or the El Dorado for fishermen.

    Then Repressing Scotland have THEIR say.
    As agreed with the Hi Jack Bunker.

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  2. Indeed, obscuring and diluting England’s woes has long featured with the media, but there is a further point which is ignored, AVERAGES.
    The rates for England once extracted hide horrendous spikes in some areas from public gaze, which part explains the number of “look, a squirrel” Scotland “devastation” pieces in the media.
    Until stories of ambulances unable to admit patients to wards began to emerge in London and SEE, the #10 spin factory essentially ran radio silence while greater prevalence and the rise of the “Kent” variant began to dominate. Incompetence ? Accident ?
    I suspect the political nut-jobs are still pursuing naturally acquired “herd-immunity” whatever the death toll, talk of relaxing lockdown is sure to follow now curves are falling, and back we go on the roller-coaster.

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  3. So they say ‘highest excess deaths’ than at any time since 1891, in Scotland, outwith two world wars? Do they give valid stats for that claim? Were true records being kept in the past 130 years? In Scotland? Even prior to there being antibiotics, even when Scarlet Fever, diphtheria, meningitis, and tonsillitis even, were prevalent, resulting in many many deaths especially among children. No doubt the flu killed off many older folks as well. I don’t believe for one minute that Scotland has more ‘excess’ deaths now than in the past 130 years.
    Do records exist with regard to rural, Island and remote communities?
    Whatever the truth, the BBC report this with glee, as if they care in the slightest about the people of Scotland, they do not.

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    1. My own thoughts when this was published was that If past articles are any guide, a scandal over excess deaths in England is expected to break within the next week or two.
      The pattern is unmistakable, publish on UK, Scotland, and Scotland politics sites a story centred on Scotland but essentially “Look, a squirrel”.

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    2. The key is the term “excess”. Lots of people died in the 19th Century but those deaths weren’t above the 5-year average for the time. Today’s “excess” deaths are in comparison to averages over 5 years.


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