What this man and this woman have wrought Together can be improved upon

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon enjoys a cup of tea with Alex Salmond while on the General Election campaign trail in Inverurie in the Gordon constituency.

He took us from nowhere, by force of will, political acumen and sheer courage, to the edge of freedom. His principled stand against the UK establishment’s war agenda in the form of the Blair regime, the frankly awful human being that is Alistair Campbell and the security services, brought upon him their revenge in the form of a brutal legal process based on minor alcohol-fuelled misbehaviour against a few women. His repeated mediated humiliation by the likes of that other awful human being, Kirsty Wark, shocks in the light of her colleagues long neglect of the Jimmy Saville case, that of several other high profile BBC offenders and, of course Tory sex criminals such as the two English mayors doing time for child rape whom you won’t see a special on.

She has taken us from a near thing to a strong sense of confidence that we can do it next time. Her performance in the pandemic has been at least one major factor in the strength of support for both the SNP and for independence. Her human rights idealism may have been exploited by those same agencies which have penetrated her civil service but again, her errors, like her predecessor’s, have not weakened either the Party or the wider movement, because we are bigger than them, so much bigger.

For all his achievements, he was replaceable. She too is replaceable. We all are.

I won’t name them but there are at least 10 leading members who could lead the party onward to even greater things. That’s 10 more than any of the other parties have.

Courage mon brave!

18 thoughts on “What this man and this woman have wrought Together can be improved upon




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  2. They would need to prove themselves first. None of those have been leading a country while taking flake from every possible direction.
    All have worked under the security umbrella of a strong party. and with a single remit.

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    1. gavinochiltree
      Oh yes we have something more than only our cringe to lose
      And that is our chains but not for our sake but for all the young and those to come in order to build a responsible,equitable
      ,open and forward looking Nation not only to take its place with and alongside others of similar ilk,But as shining beacon to light up the path to assist and follow

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  3. I have one focus…Independence for Scotland.
    This is our children’s future!
    I wish people would put their egos to one side and work together.

    We do not get to even present our arguement without an Independence majority at Hollyrood.

    The leader of the SNP is not who I vote for. The SNP Party only gets my vote because it is the only credible Party to get us to Independence. Being competent helps in the interim
    I will vote for the best vehicle to get us past the line. If we had a YES Party up and running with a majority of seats I would be voting for them.

    I also can think of a dozen names who would make a great FM. However it is now obvious that even if we had Ghandi available people would appear to question his commitment.

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  4. “What this man and this woman have wrought together can be improved upon. “

    In an ideal world maybe. But this aint one of these worlds and it aint politics as normal.

    “I won’t name them but there are at least 10 leading members who could lead the party onward to even greater things. That’s 10 more than any of the other parties have.”

    Not one of these individuals excellent though some of them may be has the approval rating that Nicola Sturgeon has gained through her handling of a very unique event.

    There is a cruical election coming up, Independence and the SNP are riding high in the polls, changing our popular leader between now and these elections would be a Unionist’s dream come true!


  5. Will the potential future leaders of the SNP be immune to the smear campaigns we can expect from our opponents, the MSM and from their detractors within the independence movement?


  6. We cannot take indy with corruption at our core

    I am only interested in making a better country than the war criminal led, corrupt nonsense that is the brit establishment

    She has to go, and soon.


  7. On the British Establishment
    From Wikipedia:
    The civil service is a matter RESERVED to the British parliament at Westminster (rather than devolved to Holyrood): Scottish Government civil servants work within the rules and customs of Her Majesty’s Civil Service, but serve the devolved administration rather than British government.

    The current permanent secretary is Leslie Evans, who assumed the post in July 2015.

    The Permanent Secretary is a member of the (UK) Civil Service, and therefore takes part in the UK-wide Permanent Secretaries Management Group UNDER the (UK)Cabinet Secretary who performs a number of similar functions in relation to the UK Government.
    (my caps)


  8. Is this the time to be talking about ten others who “could lead us to greater things”?
    Nicola Sturgeon is by far our best card in the pack.
    Once we achieve our independence, then we can recognise the talent that exists in the party and move on to next stage.

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