The Pursuit of a Good Woman 2

Readers may remember the 2016 version featuring then Health Secretary Shona Robison as the victim and, in the role of chief sneaky, jealous, gossip-monger, Jenny Marra and her BBC Scotland buddies.

The Current Health Secretary, Jeanne Freeman, retires this year after perhaps an even more torrid time at the hands of the media, fed by child-death exploiters such as the New Labour favourite, Anna Sarwar and his BBC Scotland buddies.

The above suggestion that Freeman had breached the ministerial code, was pounced on by all of Scotland’s media and covered, if a bit more hesitantly, by even the National. Leading the slavering and ill-informed pack:

Within hours Philippa Whitford had pointed out that NS England had published the same details on the 7th of December:

And, even before the error by her critics had emerged, former Scottish Conservatives advisor, Andy Maciver had this to say in response to Andrew Neil:

Neil was as you might expect, both unconvincing and rancid:

Haven’t seen any apologies yet.

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16 thoughts on “The Pursuit of a Good Woman 2

  1. Classic smear and disappear tactics – just getting that bad headline out is enough for the unionist mob, knowing full well the press will make it disappear if they get their “facts” wrong. Judging by the ever rising SNP support though it’s a tactic which is backfiring and showing them all up as the miserable, petty point scoring bunch that they are. Jeanne Freeman is one of many hardworking MSPs who deserves all our support & gratitude and she’ll be a real miss when she retires.

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  2. The Torygraf journalist and others who demanded answers from Jean Freeman on the “crime” she committed by publishing this data,are either incompetent or simply looking for any excuse to attack our government.
    They should have known that the data was already in the public domain.
    Also,what does it say about HM government in London,when they publish the same data in England (perhaps they didn’t know that they had) but go into a frenzy when Scotland does the same.
    Questions have to be asked of them….
    That will be the day.

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      1. Great to see that again, he was indeed put in his place and he was ‘suggesting’ that the people of Scotland pay twice for the NHS.
        A. Neil should be neutral in his massively paid job, and he is most certainly not, incredibly unprofessional.

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    1. ‘Scottish friends’, Ooooo. Hopefully those ‘Scottish friends’ never need to use Scotland’s ()excellent) NHS, because it’s sooo bad they would surely find it too ‘useless’ to contemplate so they’d say er no that’s OK SNHS ambulance you are so ‘useless’ I will just die here on the pavement, take your ‘useless’ medics and ‘useless’ life saving equipment away!
      Aye right.


  3. If I was looking for a reason to put off the Holyrood May elections, the only one I could think of is that we could get to keep JF (and a few other retirees) in post for a while.

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    1. Brenda . . . . Another plus of a postponed election would be The damage due to Brexit would have had more time to kick in and be apparent to voters. Heard recently that the real damage due to Brexit would not be apparent in the first 4 to 6 months.
      Also possibly less postal voting.

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  4. As I have said on many previous occasions she has been superb and a very competent Health secy and we have been privileged to have her in charge of the SNHS especially over the last few months and there is simply no comparison with eejit Hancock -up. She will be a sad loss but she certainly deserves some respite from what must have been/and still is an exhausting period at the helm and all the accolades that come along.

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  5. It is one more example of the disgusting politics of the Unionists and their gutter press ( The National should also hang their head in shame).

    I can understand it from the Tories and the LibDems (honest I’m not really a Tory)
    However Labour continue to embrace this Union. They embrace the same tactics and are still loyal little Better Together champions.

    …I just don’t get it! Why do they join in the Unionists smears? They more than most know the quality of Ms Freeman.

    The Bain principle drive has blinded them to what they have become.

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  6. The malign, stupid and ignorant press miss the real target, of course. The quarantine arrangements for those coming from abroad are still inadequate.


  7. The National, again maybe though holding back a bit, join the pile on against the SNP. They are a double edged sword to put it lightly, they stick the knife in having befriended their prey, I don’t trust them one bit.
    J. Freeman has been excellent as health minister,and the best Scotland could have had during this pandemic, and against huge odds in being shackled to the cesspit UK.
    The EngGov should hang their heads in shame, their handling of this crisis so far has been nothing short of disgraceful. If the media wasn’t protecting them, people in England would really get angry I am sure!
    The media are a protection racket in the UK.

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  8. Annie Sarwar is likely the next Labovative leader in Scotland
    A nonentity who makes stuff up, just like Baillie.

    At least Leotard was honest in his incompetence.

    Hancock is never off the BEEB.
    Jean Freeman is never interviewed.
    Brillo knows why.

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  9. Annette Sarwar will be delighted to take a few quid from the public purse to add to his hoards of £b/millions already. What is it like to wake up knowing you have lied to and shafted loads of people, and voted to starve wee kids and all so you can take even more money from the public purse. It takes a special sort of person to do that, shamefully there are a lot of them.


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