Behind the curve and confused

By the Herald’s Jack Aitchison (14?)

Last updated: 9 mins ago

Nicola Sturgeon has warned of even tougher lockdown restrictions if new rules in place from Saturday don’t reduce the rising case numbers.

LIVE and updated 9 minutes ago! Wow, impressive of whit?

Wait, those graphs? They’re cumulative. You’ve used the wrong ones Jack. These just keep on adding up. Don’t use them with Nicola or we’ll never get out of lockdown.

When she said rising case numbers, she meant rising new cases. That tells you what’s happening now. See these:

That’s a relief. They’ve started to fall. No need for tougher.

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16 thoughts on “Behind the curve and confused

  1. No, he’s used the correct graphs to go with the headline. The fact that they are incorrect won’t bother him, or his paymasters at all. That is their job. Along with all the other M.S.M liars, their purpose is clear, present the the S.G in the worst possible light in their battle against the virus, or any other problems which may arise.

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  2. We need to be clear on this. We do not have a wide range of people independently producing these stories and headlines.

    There is a “controlling mind” furnishing them with prepared data.
    The manipulation of statistics, graph scaling, graph period selected etc etc are evidence of a well organised source.

    We also have the tactic in evidence of the MSM selecting the same “experts” over and over to repeat the propaganda.

    The latest has been to select statements from Scottish Government officials and advisors and clip the piece to distort the statement. E.g. The statement of Prof. Leitch in which they cut out the data about England.

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    1. Indeed that is correct Julia. It is the Brit state at work and they are experts at propaganda. They employ psychologists to interpret how people might react and in how to manipulate the people. It’s sinister and shows how the Brit state is threatened by Scotland now being in favour of independence by a majority.
      Shame the Brits can’t be civil and enter into dialogue, but they have form in not being experts at that in any way whatsoever.

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    2. Spot on Julia Gibb only England’s Westminster could coordinate the propaganda war against Scotland on all media channels simultaneously
      BBC SKY ITV STV all radio all newspapers only England’s Westminster would get away with breaking so many laws


  3. Did NS say there could be tougher restrictions? You can hardly get tougher than full lockdown, except for completely closing the border. As you say in the article, the curve is going down, but that means zilch to the BritNats. The BritNats in the media have done nothing but politicise this pandemic, and their fawning at people dying in Scotland is sickening to the core.


    1. No need to find out what is going on in their brains
      Because they so obviously are under the influence of some type of total mind control
      Best to ignore the poor wee beasts but never
      Have sympathy for their afflictions

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      1. It wasn’t the health angle i was thinking of it was the science of denial and how stupidity can get someone to a position where they are paid to write fake news. UK has not learnt a thing from Trump and continues his tactics as if nothing has happened these last few days.

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      2. Yes i concur
        But other than suffering fro delusional greed
        In the vain hope of Establishment reward
        Which shall dissappear into the Ether upon our Indy
        Then they also suffer from a closed mind
        And that is about as much f***king use as a parachute that will not open
        They will soon find that out upon Indy
        As their careers thud into the ground


  4. We once went straight to the FM daily update. I see we now have a new BBC Scotland News Special starting at 12:00 to make sure the “We are doomed” message is established before the briefing.

    A coincidence of course……😡

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    1. In reality there is no such thing as a coincidence
      Every event has a sound cause along with the resultant effect
      This is a universal truth


      1. Re.Newton his law of gravity is not perfect in every instance and to date no one has satisfactorly solved this enigma completely

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  5. Aye, and the BBC are at the propaganda on the vaccination front as well.

    The framing is deliberately misleading, aside acknowledging what Philippa Whitford said on QT on 80% success on Care-Homes (#1 priority on the JCVI list), they then avoid comparison by lumping Care-Home stats under the “80 and over age group” %ages, viz the general population.
    Blatant propaganda cover for Johnson & Hancock departing from JCVI guidance to go for headline numbers, rather than “follow the science”, absolutely appalling stuff.

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