12 thoughts on “Read oll abaht it! Get yo pwopagehndah eyah yoo ficko!

  1. The fact these fascist daily rags use the name Scotland in their title is an insult to Scotland, for sure.
    If there are any issues in getting the vaccine to people in Scotland it will be due to EngGov incompetence or a deliberate attempt to put barriers in the way. People are watching them closely however.

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  2. Likely the Heil continuing to remind Scots how dreadful life is under SNP, there are however more worrying aspects at the supply rather than client delivery end which HMG will be anxious to push as “somebody else’s fault” whilst scoring political points.

    Certification of vaccine batches in the UK via MHRA (a system not designed for emergencies on this scale) is slow, but both vaccine and borosilicate phial availability (even with ramped up production {UK sold theirs off previously} ) is struggling to sate demand.

    With PHE desperate to get a grip following Johnson’s bizarre thumb-twiddling, their plight could not be more serious, the Tories are desperate for a squirrel to point to…
    Hence BBC highlighting “Covid in Scotland: Pupils face disparities in remote learning” on both UK and Scotland pages, with the “Covid in Scotland: Oxford vaccine to be rolled out from Monday” pushing the “Oxford” nonsesne…

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  3. I’m sure like many others this only makes my determination to seek Independence firmer. The propaganda is offensive and easily proven to be lies by simply accessing the official data direct.

    Why are the media so determined to prove that they cannot be trusted?
    Do they not realise that they are hastening their own demise?

    On the last part regarding demise…We can stop buying Newspapers, we can cancel our subscription to Sky, we do not have to agree to finance via the begging paywall barriers the dying press have produced.
    However the BBC will continue to be financed by the Government at Westminster. The Propaganda will be sent constantly to every home in Scotland.

    The BBC is NOT a trusted source. This is further propaganda from the experts at News manipulation. What other Nation on this planet has an endless feed of “how bad we are, how useless we are”

    John I appreciate the time and effort that you are putting into this blog. The veritable source data highlights dramatically the corruption of our media to satisfy their “Masters” instead of reporting the truth.

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    1. It is interesting to compare the front pages of the ‘UK’ editions (given on the BBC UK page) with the “Scottish’ editions. The latter are claiming to be presenting things from a Scottish perspective, but only through a “Scotland bad’ lens.

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  4. I do find it ironic that the shrill approach of unionists to the Scottish Government just gives the SG determination to do better.

    Let’s not count our chickens before they roost but it would be reasonable to expect two things

    (A) Scotland’s Health Secretary oversees 14 geographic health boards. England’s Health Secretary oversees 217 NHS Trusts. Which has a better chance of troubleshooting any vaccine rollout?

    (B) the Scottish Government (generally and it’s pandemic response specifically) have higher levels of public trust (in opinion polls) than UK Government. Will this lead to a greater percentage of the population willing to take up the vaccine?

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  5. ‘Scotland (SNP/ Scottish Gov) behind the curve on rollout of vaccine’ seems to be the headline du jour across the Media output today. The Sunday Herald leads with this issue on its front page. The actual story inside is a confused mishap mash of not very much based on one doctor’s comments.

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  6. BBC’s Radio station based in Scotland morning review of papers, covered the above Mail on Sunday’s article re Scot Gov being slow at Jabbing . . . . Simple regurgitation of the article . . . . No recourse to the Vaccination rate of the UK’s 4 nations . . . Information Supplied by the UK gov, and publicised by the BBC.

    BBC Scotland’s mission statement. . . Keep Scots ignorant and ill-informed. At all costs!

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  7. Oddly the GMS commentator did say the assertion arose from “unspecified UK government sources”, as I don’t have access to the article in no position to confirm it…

    So “the headline du jour across the Media output today” would presumably be from the same “unspecified UK government sources”, any bets which ?
    Andrew Bowie Fan Club (both of them)
    Alister JackSchitt Broacasting Inc.
    Don’t call me Baroness tank brigade
    Downing Street’s anti-independence Union Unit
    Matt Hancock’s half-hour
    All the above ?


    1. ‘ the assertion arose from“unspecified UK government sources” ..’

      I have no professional media knowledge or experience but intuitively this must be so very easy to achieve.

      A Tory SPAD devises a clever anti-Scotland/SG/SNP wheeze; the ‘attack line’ – perhaps just a sentence or two – is passed informally i.e. without a published press statement, to their many friendly editors/journalists in the corporate media; the same ‘story’ gets covered in at least one but potentially several newspapers; the BBC then publishes a ‘review’ of the same newspaper/s, scavanges the same newspaper output for its own news stories as well as being fed content directly from similar ‘unspecified government sources’.

      Lo and behold, a seriously effective method of amplifying that original ‘attack line’ is achieved! At best the effect – not necessarily of just one drip but of a constant downpour – changes voting intentions’. At least it may discourages voters from a change of view. It prevents or dampens down ‘momentum’ building and it diverts from other matters, ones unfavourable to Westminster and the Unionist case.

      And so daily, this factor in Scotland’s mainstream media ‘world’ spins around and in synergy – i.e. the interaction of two or more factors so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects – with the tactic of ‘bias by omission’.


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