How BBC Scotland tries to hide the Scottish Government’s life-saving competence

Regular and friend of TuS, Bob Lamont, posted this and perceptively compared it to Nick Robinson’s editing out of Alex Salmond in 2014.

The data is available from the ONS but largely ignored by BBC Scotland:

The trend too is easily revealed thanks to the FT:

12 thoughts on “How BBC Scotland tries to hide the Scottish Government’s life-saving competence

  1. I saw this and what I read, if correct, was that the BBC reported this as, ‘ he said nothing’ in his response to a question on the figures. Hence, very similar to the disgraceful editing and lie in 2014, about A. Salmond not answering a BBC reporters question when he did so, and at length. They are starting early this year, wasting no time in editing out the truth when it comes to the Scottish government.

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  2. BBC Reporting Scotland last night:

    They used a clip of Prof. Jason Leitch speaking at the lunchtime FM briefing.

    At the point were he outlined the WHO target giving the Scottish current infection, correctly stating how high The rate was at present. The clip was then CUT abruptly.
    Having watched the FMs briefing at lunchtime I know that what followed was a detailed comparison with the data for other parts of the U.K. INCLUDING the information that parts of England have infection rates several times higher than Scotland. (1200 compared to 250 per 100k)

    The clip was very carefully edited to maximise the negative aspects of his report regarding Scotland and to completely delete the current UK situation.

    This is not journalism. It is political propaganda.

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    1. Julia,
      I noticed that too. I do not often watch the daily briefing but yesterday I did and noted the very careful and clear communication of the rates per 100,000 from Dr Leitch. He also mentioned one of the highest rates from one of the areas in SE England. That results for Scotland stood out in stark contrast.

      Then on Reporting Scotland his answer was savagely cut so that you had the Scottish figures without any of the accompanying context. Earlier on the 6’oclock news James Cook gave a short report on the situation in Scotland without giving any figures at all. Even Ch4 News in its report on the hospital situation referred to hospitals ‘across the UK’ but did not give any information about the situation in Scotland.

      The situation in England is truly dire as the figures in this article show- scroll down to see the table of the rates per 100,000. The highest rate in England is just shy of 1500 cases per 100,000 and there are 31 places in England with rates over 1000 cases per 100,000. The highest Scottish one is East Ayrshire at 300 odd cases per 100,000 which puts it well, well down the list.

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  3. It is clear and deliberate that BBC Scotland is attempting to run down any good Scottish news – an absolute disgrace, but obviously the start of their renewed campaign to crush Scots.
    They should be ashamed.

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    1. I agree. It has become clearer in recent weeks in both BBC UK/ England (perhaps remarkably) and C4 news coverage that the issue of the competence of the Tory government in managing the pandemic – including public health and education – has become highly charged politically. The news and comments on radio and TV – even from contributors to BBC programmes like Today – have become much more negative.

      Faced with an inability to hide Westminster’s failings, the Unionist interest is to hide, downplay and/or find distracting nit picking negatives in order to eliminate or at least dampen down the communication of favourable comparisons between what is happening in Scotland and what is happening in England.

      Of course given the tragic nature of the circumstances, arguably it makes it harder for the Scottish Government and its officials to be too explicit and robust, too often in directly pointing out the undoubted differentiation. And as we’ve seen, even when an official briefing does include comparative information, BBC Scotland’s main evening TV news programme simply edits that bit out!.

      The result is that due to the editorial decisions of the public service broadcaster: (a) a competent governing party may be deprived of public recognition of its relative competence; and (b) the public is being deprived of positive news which might encourage more individuals to comply with restrictions here as they are leading to relatively better outcomes so far than elsewhere in the UK.

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  4. We should try to get our heads round the FACT that the BBC that operates in, and toward, Scotland, is a propaganda arm of the British State.
    There can be no serious doubt about this.
    The commission and omission of certain news.
    The endless photo-ops of Johnson on Repressing Scotland (product placing).
    The ability of DRossy to get his big neb on every outlet (bar reading the weather) without having to answer questions.
    The obvious bias in programs fronted by Marr and agitprop documentaries by a certain chum of McCoalbunker.

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  5. I see today we have signs of former leader, Jackson Carlaw’s return to high profile, cutting edge frontline politics! He’s been missed. In a tweet today we have this important intervention :

    Jackson Carlaw MSP @Jackson_Carlaw: “How petty can this Govt get to omit ‘Oxford’ from the name of the vaccine because it’s in England? Narrow nationalism at its worst.”

    The cause of his righteous indignation – and his justification for fuelling division within his ‘precious Union’ and for his insult – is this earlier tweet from 4 January:

    Scot Gov Health @scotgovhealth: “The roll-out of the Astrazeneca vaccine is underway in Scotland with patients in Tayside among the first to receive their initial dose. 82 year old James Shaw said he was “delighted” to be receiving the vaccination. @NHSTayside Read more

    His is a bold attempt to keep the embers of his BritNat base warm. However, if he or any of his followers had bothered to click the link given in the SG’s tweet they would have read this in the second and third lines of the press release:

    “Patients in Tayside have been among the first in Scotland to receive the Oxford/Astrazeneca coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine.” Oh dear!

    For information – and for Mr Carlaw’s future reference – we have this from a corporate press release from AstraZeneca on 30 December, 2020

    “AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine has been approved for emergency supply in the UK, with the first doses being released today so that vaccinations may begin early in the New Year.

    “The UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has provided authorisation for emergency supply of COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca, formerly AZD1222, for the active immunisation of individuals 18 years or older.”

    Later in its press release, AZ acknowledges that the vaccine was co-invented by the University of Oxford and its spin-out company, Vaccitech.

    And then from the UK government ’s regulatory agency itself in an official statement dated 6 January 2021 entitled “Information for healthcare professionals and the public about the COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca”.

    “1. Name of the medicinal product: COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca, solution for injection in multidose container”

    And later in the same information release: “The use of COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca should be in accordance with official guidance.”

    And so for the avoidance of doubt, the UK regulatory agency’s officially approved name of this vaccination product is ‘COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca’!


      1. The word “Oxford” was only introduced by the UK media to bolster English pride. The same has not been done for any other of the anti-covid vaccines anywhere.

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