Average Scottish teacher suffers stress for three and a half days every year!

Another archaic arithmetic problem for you courtesy of the Lib Dumbs.

548 439 days of absence where mental health was cited as the reason over three years.

How should we react to his whopping great number from Beatrice Wishart? It is big. Oooh, must be a crisis then? SNP must be to blame too?

Tale a big breath and get your calculator out.

548 439 days over three years is 182 813 per year.

There are 52 247 teachers in Scotland so that’s an average of 3.5 days each.

‘Mental health’ includes ‘stress.’

Are there any jobs with no stress?

Research by the UK Health & Safety Executive in 2003 on the prevalence of psychological disorders triggered by stress put teachers somewhere in the middle:

Go away?

6 thoughts on “Average Scottish teacher suffers stress for three and a half days every year!

  1. When I was at school, if a teacher felt stressed, he would belt you with a strap—often. Boys, girls. For some of them, it made no difference.

    The French used to say, that spanking was the “English vice”.
    But real deviancy was hitting children with a leather strap.

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    1. Some teachers were sadists and allowed to be, my dad had a teacher (just before WW2 when the Brit army took over the school and burned the books in the school yard, NE Eng) who beat the wee kids every morning before they started lessons, my dad never really could forgive that, I think it damaged him, must have others too. My mother once went to our junior school and grabbed our female teacher by the scruff of the neck for beating me because I couldn’t do my sums! The teacher was a bit nicer after that! Luckily they can’t beat up little kids now.


  2. And, remember, most absences from work are ‘self-certified’. Only if the absence was for longer than a week would a medical certificate be required.

    Self-certification can be challenged, but this is usually opposed by trade unions and supported at appeal by Councillors as ‘adding to stress’.


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