Pro-independence parties at 59% for Westminster

From YouGov based on 147 18 plus Scots with polling on 21st 22nd December:

  • Con 18%
  • Lab 13%
  • LD 5%
  • SNP 57%
  • Brexit 2%
  • Green 2%
  • Other 2%

The SNP support is up from previous YouGov polls on the 16th (53%), 9th (49%) and 3rd (47%). The Sun disclosure of the First Minister’s mask error was on the 22nd but a bit late in the day. Let’s see if the next poll indicates any fall out.

The 16 plus votes might have taken support to 60%.

5 thoughts on “Pro-independence parties at 59% for Westminster

  1. I hope that we have that sort of support or better next May.
    Westminster is becoming less relevant to voters in Scotland and with the Tories trying to get rid of fixed term parliaments in England,it might be some time before we are asked to send representatives there.
    It would be even better if we never have to do so again but that will be up to Scottish voters.

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  2. Good news indeed. The BritNats will be really panicking, shame they can’t accept that their duplicity and arrogance, and their lies have made the people of Scotland realise that they can no longer trust the ‘union’ to do anything but dictate, and that it’s not an equal partnership in any way, shape or form. The EngGov should start to accept that, it would be in their interests to start treating Scotland with respect, and to start talking about what sort of neighbour they want to be post Scottish independence. It could all be quite amicable, if only the EngGov would act like adults and move into the 21st century. Let’s hope they at least can manage that for the good of all concerned.

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