Lib Dems care about kids SHOCK as children wait 19 weeks for treatment

It’s almost perfectly bad but surely a child’s face with a well-placed tear could be found? Better still, combine that with one of Jeanne Freeman and Nicola Sturgeon looking angry?

I know, Alex Cole-Hamilton, when he comes up with the idea for the Herald story!

The Lib Dems and the care of kids is a theme that needs some work after the UK leader, David Steele, recommending the serial paedophile, Cyril Smith, for a knighthood and then their Scottish leader, Willie Rennie, refusing to condemn Steele for turning a blind eye to the abuse.

Makes you wonder why the Herald didn’t put Cole-Hamilton in the image or the headline.

The headline could not otherwise be improved….if your purpose is to win a melodramatic nonsense award.

The story is based on a Freedom of Information request to the health boards and the usual cub-reporter approach to statistics.

How many children shared this waiting? No mention of that. Why use days and not weeks?

They wanted millions!

There are, of course statistics published:

How many were seen? Around 15 000 in 2019/20.

The average waiting time? It was between 11 and 13 weeks or around 80 to 100 days if you need a bigger number.

So, 2 million days spread over 15 000 and then converted to weeks?

Children waiting 19 weeks for treatment’

Is it getting worse? Slightly but not enough for the Lib Dems:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cole.png

4 thoughts on “Lib Dems care about kids SHOCK as children wait 19 weeks for treatment

  1. LibDem Education lies. Increased fees. Cut Education £6Billion a year. ConDems caused Brexit. The Tories do not have a clue. A total shambles.


  2. “More than 2 million days” is around 5 500 years!

    This kind of ludicrous misuse of statistics becomes meaningless in trying to convey whatever it is they are trying to convey.

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  3. The Wee Wullie Boy Band.
    Cole-Hamilton thinks if he gets a news story every day, he will replace Wee Wullie pretty soon.
    A tool replacing a fool.
    Or is it the other way round?

    He will have to be quick. Come the election, there wont be many of these idiots left standing.


  4. I have alerted
    The Royal Zoological Socitey
    The UN endangered species watchdog

    As this if true is a most exciting sighting of a critically endangered species indeed
    Are you 100 % sure tis a Liberal you spoted
    No doubt verification will be required


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