Reporting Scotland Down tonight:

Scottish clinicians have raised concerns that the NHS may not be able to cope with a surge in Covid cases. Members of the Scottish Academy of Medical Royal Colleges are concerned about an increase in community transmission combined with a new highly transmissible variant of Coronavirus…….Now there are fears that the sheer number of those needing their care could overwhelm the system. A new warning from clinicians is calling for every possible measure to halt the virus and protect what they see as a severely stretched health service.

Despite their self-important, self-adopted title, this is a UK pressure group acting on behalf of its members, like a trade union. It’s not impartial and its not very scientific either.

The infection rate in Scotland is falling, regardless of the new variant, and has been for six days now. The rate of new admissions to hospital has been falling for nearly two months and new ICU admissions have, at worst, plateaued.

As for the stretched service, perhaps it is in places like Cardiff, but in Scotland, this graphic used by Reporting Scotland, seems dubious:

Why? Because their website has used this one before:

Scotland's intensive care capacity. . Scotland's intensive care patients during the pandemic .

The surge ICU capacity is clearly much higher than they want us to know now.

And, staffing? 50% more nurses, 20% more consultants and 25% more GPs, per head of population than NHS England.

This is just a scare story based perhaps on justifiable English concerns which BBC Scotland feel they must try to transfer to Scotland.

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  2. London is in a bad way and seemingly unreported.


    Prof. Gavin Yamey MD MPH
    · 6h
    Folks, please don’t listen to Julia Hartley Brewer or her pals Carl Heneghan/the Great Barrington crew.

    From a London doctor friend of mine last night:

    “No one should go out in London. A & Es are full, ambulances are lined up unable to unload & no mention of this in the press”


    1. It sounds absolutely dreadful in London. There needs to be a full investigation as to why this has been allowed to happen. I know the population is huge in London, but their English Tory government have not taken that into account, and it’s not so long ago, that some people in London were definitely not taking any heed to how this virus is spread, that’s if they were informed in the first place.
      The EngGov have some serious questions to answer, but will the BritNat media ask them? No.

      On that note, the large townhouse near us which had a (an illegal) huge flag pole put up at start of the first lock down, with a huge butchers apron flag hanging from it, and which was occupied during first lockdown, then empty for months when no lockdown, is suddenly occupied again. I seriously hope it’s not rich Londoners, escaping to their bolt hole in Edinburgh, risking lives here. The council seem powerless to have the flag removed. It is a huge worry that some, not many hopefully, may have escaped to Scotland from the London hot spot, risking peoples’ lives by doing so. I know I’m a nosy parker, but if folk plonk massive BritNat flags outside their house, it’s a bit obvious and noticeable if the place is occupied or not, when passing it most days to get to the local shops. :-/


  3. I don’t know who that Prof was but I heard him say that there was alot of people mixing over Xmas but if that was the case I am sure BBC would have had pictures and shots of police breaking up parties.
    What a bloody shower BBC Scotland is.

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    1. The rules were relaxed for Christmas day, but in fact, it’s been extremely quiet far as I have heard. Local Scotmid shop opened on boxing day the girl at counter said it was absolutely empty most of the day. I guess no one was doing boxing day shopping, and most people are doing online now as well. We really would have heard all about it if there had been any major partying going on, the BritNat Scot media jobsworths would have been out with cameras in hand at the drop of a hat!

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  4. John, worth looking back on stewartb’s excellent teardown in the prior post on the Scottish Academy statement and how it has been wilfully
    distorted both in the original web article and the Reporting Scotland piece.
    I’d be very surprised if they do not come under fire from at least the Scottish Academy and SG over this blatant propaganda piece.

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    1. I heard the interview with the representative of the Academy and he was very measured in his approach. Essentially, he was rieterating the message we have heard from the SG and Professor Leitch, urging people to maintain physical distancing and abide by the Level 4 restrictions.

      While the Academy is a fancily titled association of medical trade unions, it was, in my interpretation of what was being said being responsible and non-partisan.

      BBC Scotland has clearly selected aspects of the statement and has framed them in a shock/horror way to imply that things are going to get worse.

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  5. East German standards of journalism.
    Well done BBC. Boris will be happy with you!

    Tomorrow the colonial press will echo this pish.
    Democracy demonised and deminished.

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  6. It’s always very dubious when they use words like ‘Scottish clinicians’ but give no idea who, or where they are based or what their actual qualifications are. They know it fools some though, so they keep on making stories up, hiding actual facts, and definitely doing all they can to
    portray Scotland as being in as much a mess as England even though that’s all a fabrication. I have friends who read the BritNat rags, who really cannot, or rather won’t comprehend that the Scottish NHS is not the same organisation as the English NHS. The idea that if England is a mess, if people suffer there, then Scotland, you WILL suffer as well, it’s your duty after all.


  7. BBC Scotland report English news about what is happening in England but they don’t mention that it is English news about England ,people in Scotland then assume it’s news about Scotland but it’s not.
    This is propaganda as instructed by England’s Westminster

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  8. “This is just a scare story based perhaps on justifiable English concerns which BBC Scotland feel they must try to transfer to Scotland”
    I disagree, this fabrication looks to be more desperate but clumsy distraction for Scots to the chaos unfolding in London and SE, eg “Look, incontinent pigeons” when hospital scandal is about to break in England.
    The distortions are simply brazen and readily dismantled as you and stewartb have done…

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  9. I gain a more accurate understanding of the World via blogs now than through the MSM. It has risks but I would suggest far less than by accepting the propaganda spewed by the MSM.

    That is the reality!

    Truth on any topic is not to be found in the grubby scribbling of the “official media journalists”. It has to be determined by reading multiple sources online.

    Seek the truth no matter how hard the so called journalists try to deflect you.

    If journalism is based on facts, then why do the BBC, Aljazeera, RT, CNN etc all offer a different picture of the same “facts”

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  10. Shockingly, and it can only come down to the BBC’s pro-indy bias, they have not reported that an asteroid might hit Scotland destroying everything. It might not be for a few million years …. or ever ….but it might be tomorrow! Why is this not news?

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  11. Just before 9am. BBC Radio

    Radio Scotland A music programme

    Radio 4. Nick Robinson discuussing Covid

    After 9am

    Radio Scotland Call Kaye recorded excerpts

    Tory Councillor ( east dumbarton council leader?)
    “The country is split down the middle (on independence) irrespective of number of SNP MSP’s ”

    Racism in Scotland. Kids in poverty here, its as bad in Scotland as in Africa, with your foodbanks.

    Old Lady: Gets the Herald asks Alexa to switch on Radio Scotland.

    Teacher: Blended learning organised by the Scot. Gov. Will damage kids for the rest of their lives

    10am radio2 News Bulletin

    10am Radio Scotland ….. Call Kaye’s best bits continues. . . . No News.
    . . .

    Why waste valuable time informing them when you can fill their heads full of anti Scottish Propaganda!

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