Cooking up rehashed mince

Reporting Scotland’s James Cooking takes the opportunity, after reporting the Sun’s ‘gotcha‘ moment when they caught the First Minister without her face mask on, to repeat the long-disproved myth that Scotland has not done well in terms of infection and death rates.

It doesn’t matter how often we correct them, they and others, including even Professor Bauld on Sky News today will ignore the facts and repeat the myth.

So, one more time (I wish):

The UK is now 10th in terms of deaths per 1 million population.

England at 1 045 would be 9th and Wales at 988 would be 10th.

Scotland at 784, would be 17th.

In terms of cases of infection per million population, at 29 978, the UK is 28th in Europe and 45th in the World.

England at 30 982 would be 29th in Europe and 40th in the World.

Scotland at 20 418 would be 34th in Europe and 65th in the World.

10 thoughts on “Cooking up rehashed mince

  1. John if you use figs from ONS estimate for Englands population for mid june 2020
    I.E 56.29 million then
    Deaths = 1059 / million
    Infections = 32605 / million


  2. Re Professor Bauld – possibly Union sympathiser – see her Wikipedia Page. She is not a virologist nor a medical doctor.1st degree was in political science.


  3. Since the start of the pandemic, I have always found the focus on comparisons regarding human suffering and fatalities distasteful. However, comparisons have been a staple of British Nationalist for a long time, especially ones where Scotland can be presented, not just as worse than the rest of the UK, but preferably the WORST, as in the recent report on deaths arising from drug-related causes. Many of the comparisons have been based on selective use of data and decontextualisation or even on false comparisons.

    A variant of this is when data indicate that in some aspect Scotland might be relatively good. The response is to damn by faint praise – “it’s not much better”, “It was not achieved by Scotland on its own”, “Is that really something to boast about?”. There also accusations of ‘Scottish exceptionalism’, which, apparently, is a BAD THING, while “Rule Britannia” jingoism is not.

    So, with regard to the data about Covid, as it began to appear over the year, it showed that infections in England were generally higher than those in the other four nations and noticeably worse than Northern Ireland. The difference in deaths compared to NI was particularly marked. However, in March/April, the trends for England, Wales and Scotland were similar. As we moved into late spring and summer, the data for Scotland indicated that infections had been almost eliminated and, for about a month, there were no fatalities. As the second wave developed, the data for Scotland have been noticeably less severe than the other three nations for almost the entire period. Looking at the entire period of the pandemic, infections in England are 50% higher than in Scotland and Fatalities are 1/3 higher. These seem to me to be statistically significant differences.

    During the year, the SG has avoided making any invidious comparisons, and, only in the past week has the FM referred to the lower rates of infections in Scotland, in the context of responding to the increased virulence of the mutated strain. She was arguing that this was not reason to refrain from responding with increased restrictions. The comparisons have, again, been brought in by the British Nationalists – why are areas like Dumfries and Galloway and Highland moving into Tier 4 when their infection rates are lower? This is accompanied by the routine vox pops of business people complaining that this is a ‘hammer blow’ and ‘confusing’.

    The collection of data is essential in managing this pandemic and in responding dynamically to changes. It provides useful information on what is and is not effective and, it is a tribute to human ingenuity, the medical advances which have been made over the year. It is also remarkable how well-informed and level-headed the majority of the public have been given the rabid misinformation and confusion being sown by the media in Scotland.

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    1. “However, in March/April, the trends for England, Wales and Scotland were similar.” –
      NO! England death rate nearly TWICE Scotlands.
      You have been brainwashed.

      Hospital admissions england 3000 scotland 200 – half as many again for England per capita.


      1. If as fully expected the Union goes into overdrive (looks like they already are)
        With their Brainwashing
        Then upon Indy we shall have to set up a specialist unit to deal wiith those seriously
        our health is NOT a joke anymore


  4. John, our country owes you a great debt for your determination in holding up the torch of truth to the lies, distortions, myths and omissions of what passes for journalism today.

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  5. Although the vaccination programme has been underway for a fortnight, the percentage in Scotland who have been vaccinated is markedly higher than the data for the other three nations. Of course, the numbers are still small compared to the entire population, but,it looks a promising start.

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