Third Andrew Marr complaint on care home deaths lies

Andrew Marr leaves the BBC Broadcasting House in central London after presenting The Andrew Marr Show on 18 October, 2020 in London, England. (Photo by WIktor Szymanowicz/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
The Untouchable

My first complaint about the selective bias in Marr’s use of Stirling University research showing care home deaths to be significantly higher in English homes:

They sent me the same general response they’d sent to everyone who had complained about the wider deaths and not the care homes – lazy, stupid, contemptuous?

I complained again. Two days later, this quick email response today:

Dear Prof Robertson

Thank you for contacting us regarding BBC One’s ‘The Andrew Marr Show’ which was broadcast on 29 November.

We were sorry to read of your disappointment with the response you received to your complaint and we hope that this adequately addresses your concerns.

We note your concerns about Andrew’s interview with Nicola Sturgeon.

The job of presenters such as Andrew is to put forward the questions likely to be in the minds of viewers and to look for answers, however it is not possible to raise all the points that some people would like to be explored during an interview and we appreciate that not everyone in our audience will be satisfied with the questions asked.

Andrew questioned the First Minister on a wide range of issues over the course of their exchange, but we recognise your disappointment that the specific findings from the University of Stirling highlighted in your complaint were not raised during the programme.

Andrew Marr is an experienced and respected presenter and we feel the approach adopted by him during this interview was appropriate and in line with the standard that regular viewers would expect.

Finally, we would once more like to assure you that your complaint has been forwarded to senior management as well as the team at ‘The Andrew Marr Show’ and your points were included on our overnight reports.

Thank you once again for getting in touch.

Kind regards

Terry Hughes  
BBC Complaints Team 



They’re sorry I was disappointed to get a response to a different complaint?

They recognise my disappointment that they chose to ignore the key, main, finding of research and extracted something irrelevant?

Marr is ‘respected’ so….?

My third complaint:

Sigh. I admit it, I’m tiring.

5 thoughts on “Third Andrew Marr complaint on care home deaths lies

  1. Misuse of statistics for a political purpose–“respected” Andrew Marr.
    Misuse of a complaints procedure to cover up said misuse of statistics.

    A parochial Anglo-centric broadcaster, using its control of the airwaves for political chicanery. Then pretending it didn’t.

    Ian McWhirter suggests once independent, Scotland might be “allowed” to keep the BBC—if we are “good”.
    I think the staff employed by the BBC in Scotland should start packing their bags. Pronto!

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  2. BBC are taking the absolute p**s out of the people of Scotland, laughing their freakin heads heads off, ha ha ha!!!

    Their gas lighting knows no bounds, even if you complain, they say you are the problem, it’s same as any abuser does but they expect people to pay for the privelege. After independence these lying scheming lowlifes will have no place in any Scottish media, they should ‘get used to it’. Shame I know the free loading ones who are ensconced in Scotland, looking out over Glasgow while supping from the devil that is the Britnat state, will lose their free prescriptions and uni fees for their kids, and drinkable water once they have to decamp to England, but, I am sure they can afford to pay for those things, and to buy a water filter!
    I don’t know why I mention water, but I do know that when you go to some parts of England, the water is disgusting, yuk.


  3. Looks like somebody gave the BBC Complaints Team a copy of Kafka’s “The Castle” to read – and they thought it was a tmanual, a template for how they are to carry out their work.


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