90% of Scotland’s electricity demand possible from renewables

Extract from press release by Scottish Government today:

Scotland generated enough electricity from renewable sources last year to meet the equivalent of 90.1% of the country’s total electricity consumption. In 2019, the electricity generated from renewable sources was enough to charge almost 6.7 billion mobile phones for a year and the amount of renewable heat generated was equivalent to the gas use of every building in Glasgow. Overall, the amount of electricity, transport and heat energy produced in Scotland from renewable resources increased between 2017 and 2018 to 21.1%.

What it could mean:

Full report at:

11 thoughts on “90% of Scotland’s electricity demand possible from renewables

  1. Yet EngGov are intending to build a new cable taking Scotland’s electricity to England, water is next. get the heck out of the thieving so called UK pronto Scotland! They have taken your oil, it’s your renewables next, they will also use Scotland to offset their massive CO2 output, EngGov are building a third runway at Heathrow, while supposedly promising to cut CO2, you could hardly make it up.

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    1. “Thieving”.
      Thanks AH. I’ve been casting around for a plain word that sums up the behaviour of our ‘friends’ and ‘partners’ from the south.

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  2. What was it Boris said?
    I think it was along the lines of —
    “wind power from Scotland will power jobs in England and Wales”.
    Jobs in Scotland? As the Labour MP said ” who cares”.

    England NEEDS electricity. The interconnectors from the continent work at full capacity–Scotland is an exporters. Fine with me if they pay a fair price.
    A hard border? Scotland exports to England, electricity, gas, oil, prime good and drink–all of which will find a ready market.
    England exports to us white goods, cars , services–all ubiquitous and easily replaced.


  3. Westminster wasting £Billions on Nuclear. Scotland has to pay for it. Scotland pays more for fuel and energy because it is colder. Instead of parity, being in surplus and nearer the source. Scotland could sell it for £Billions.


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