SHOCK: SNP aCCUSED of standing up for Scotland again!

The opening lines are fine, in the Herald report yesterday:

THE SNP has called for an additional £1.16bn from the Treasury to help with Brexit after Northern Ireland was granted £400m yesterday.  The demand from the SNP comes after MPs repeatedly asked UK Government ministers this week why Northern Ireland appeared to be getting “the best of both worlds” when it came to Brexit, with access to the EU single Market as well as the UK, while Scotland did not. 

So, who is accusing the SNP? It’s not even Douglas Ross nor is it Alister Jack nor even Colonel Davidson, it’s just a ‘spokesman.’

They don’t make clear how asking for resources to protect the Scottish economy in the face of the impending no deal Brexit crisis is somehow exploiting Northern Ireland but then I don’t suppose they’re familiar with that idea of protecting anything. Exploitation is the Tory style after all.

Even Glenn Campbell has spotted some of the damage that might be done to the folk living in Scotland, including in the Conservative constituencies:

A no-deal Brexit is not without consequences. The introduction of tariffs on many imports and exports and the associated border disruption is one obvious impact. The NHS in Scotland warned this week how that could lead to shortages of medicines and other essential supplies in the early part of 2021. That’s why they are stockpiling, the UK government has secured alternative freight capacity and the Scottish [SNP] government has activated emergency planning procedures.

Maybe Disclosure Scotland could take some time off trying to find a way to accuse the SNP of causing the deaths in private care homes and do a special on potential food and medicine shortages in those same care homes and then accuse the Scottish Conservatives of doing nothing to prevent them? No?

8 thoughts on “SHOCK: SNP aCCUSED of standing up for Scotland again!

  1. The monies used for DUP unionists votes in Westminster. £Billions. The Troubles caused by Westminster illegal Partition of Ireland. The DUP votes caused Brexit but NI will not be so badly affected. Scotland voted NO to Brexit but will be be badly affected by it. Independence will be the result. A silver lining.

    The Tories are totally incompetent. A complete and utter shambles. Lining their pockets wasting public monies. Killing people.

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  2. BBC Scotland/Radio Scotland.
    Watch and listen in vein for any serious journalism, analysis or break-down as to how Scotland will be affected by Brexit and the Internal Market Bill.
    We pay a substantial licence to support the BBC yet get very little back in return–either in staffing(5%), funding(60ish%) or program making.
    When Radio Scotland was launched, it was a beacon of proper national news and analysis from a SCOTTISH perspective. Now it is Radio North Brit, whose news headlines are exactly the same as radio 4 or 5, therefore England-focused and Tory-centric.

    Head of BBC Scotland? Alister Jack?

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    1. Gavin O.

      “We pay a substantial licence to support the BBC yet get very little back in return–either in staffing(5%), funding(60ish%) or program making.”

      We are paying to get our brains washed by another countries propaganda.

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  3. Glenn Campbell should be concerned by Brexit.
    He comes from Islay. The future looks very bleak for shell fishing.

    A high percentage of BBC news presenters come from the highlands and Islands. Coincidence?

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      1. Channel 4 news did do a fairly long piece on the effect of Brexit on West coast fishing a couple of years ago. Alex Thomson was the reporter and it was mentioned that they had by and large voted to remain. But that is about the only time that I have seen it covered to any great extent.

        I believe Eyemouth on the east coast has a substantial shell fish industry that Brexit will probably finish off.


  4. Glenn is confused, he says, ‘the NHS in Scotland’.
    Glenn it is the Scottish NHS, never been a UK wide NHS, so stop trying to imply that.
    ‘A no deal Brexit is not without consequences’. Not seen such an understatement in a long time. Food and medicine shortages seems like a massive catastrophe, and this is the 21st century, isn’t it?

    The media are underplaying the ‘consequences’ of their Brexit, so what will they say when the reality really hits people, when the army is put on the streets by the EngGov to quell the riots! The media are trivialising the horrendous situation about to hit Scotland in a few weeks time, utterly despicable. Brexit is going to be utter chaos, it is going to take Scotland backwards, by decades if not centuries, it hardly bears thinking about.

    That headline accusing the SNP of ‘exploiting Northern Ireland history’ is a disgrace, it is attempting to create division, it is attempting to stoke up hatred, it is a lie, and it is very very dangerous indeed. The media and their masters in the EngGov have had to appease NI but now, they are turning their attention to Scotland. They would love nothing more than to stoke up violence in Scotland, and that headline is designed for that purpose. The EngGov have already attempted to blame the SNP for their disgusting no deal Brexit, how bloody dare they.

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    1. “Glenn is confused” – Far from it as his regular “the Scottish Conservatives” or “Scottish Labour” demonstrate despite neither being true….

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