Scotland’s health chiefs slam Conservative Government’s failure to protect lives

Glenn Campbell gets oh so close to producing a fine piece of investigative journalism, then appears to lose his nerve at the end.

He has this impressive array of evidence that Scotland’s health chiefs are seriously concerned about what is about to happen as Boris Johnson seems prepared to drive the UK off a cliff in leaving the EU, trusting that the RAF will get the medicines in:

  1. NHS Grampian noted that about 85% of prescription-only medicines are imported to the UK from, or through, the EU single market.
  2. NHS Tayside’s planning assumptions include “shortages of some medicines, particularly after the first six weeks as stocks reduce”.
  3. NHS Ayrshire and Arran has also raised concerns that it may have to plug gaps in supply with more expensive alternatives and that European manufacturers may raise their prices after Brexit.
  4. NHS National Services anticipates “disruption if significant volumes of freight arrive at the border without completing the correct formalities”.
  5. NHS Tayside is assured it will have access to sufficient supplies for the first six weeks of 2021 but considers “there may be delays” after that.
  6. NHS Grampian has raised a particular concern about the impact any loss of EU workers would have on social care provision in the north east.
  7. NHS Borders said that while it was “not overly reliant” on EU nationals “uncertainty remains” about access to European labour after Brexit.
  8. NHS Tayside expects existing reciprocal healthcare arrangements with EU countries to break down if there is no deal.
  9. NHS Grampian estimates that as many as 300 UK citizens may relocate to north east Scotland and seek access to healthcare within a 6-12 week period.
  10. While NHS Borders said it had not yet experienced cost increases as a result of Brexit, NHS Ayrshire and Arran reported a 30% rise in some of its IT costs since the EU referendum in 2016.
  11. The Ayrshire and Arran board said there was a “high likelihood” that food supplies would be impacted by Brexit.
  12. NHS Borders has a particular concern about possible restrictions in supply of fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables.
  13. NHS Lanarkshire has registered an unusual risk factor – possible disruption to the normal supply of illegal drugs leading to alternative substances “contaminated with anthrax” reappearing on the market.
  14. The Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service said it was concerned about “disruption to service delivery” if Brexit planning proved to be “insufficient”.
  15. NHS Highland expressed concern that a no-deal Brexit could compound the challenges of winter and “managing the backlog from the Covid-19 pandemic”.

This is dynamite Glenn. What’s your headline going to be?

Scotland’s health chiefs warn of no-deal Brexit risk

Really? Sarah Smith said that if you’re not going to dump this story you should be careful, very careful, with the headline?

18 thoughts on “Scotland’s health chiefs slam Conservative Government’s failure to protect lives

  1. Yep. 2020 has been a heck of a year, but not looking forward to 2021 with Engand forcing their disgusting Brexit onto Scotland, absolutely raging right now.. The most dangerous, backward, sinister situation for Scotland, having been told by the BritNats in 2014, to vote no to Scottish independence to stay in the EU! How are lowlifes like untRuth Davidson still in a massivlely overpaid from the public purse job, when she blatantly lied through her shiney, nasty fake smile to the people of Scotland.
    Her and the rest of them, Eng HQ Labour in Scotland, A. Darling, Brown, and their Tory pals, lied through their freakin teeth, and now Scotland faces fckg food and meds shortages, what the hell! The BritNat rogues have a heck of a lot to answer, seriously hope they get their commuppance one day. Despicable lying troughers.

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    1. I agree.

      On a purely personal note, My son is a Type 1 diabetic – nothing to do with lifestyle etc, his pancreas gave out. If his insulin supply is disrupted, he’ll die a rather messy death quite quickly. Of course, he may just suffer long term damage if it’s merely delayed. He’s far from the only one and diabetics are far from the only group affected.

      Given that this excuse for a government has deliberately and knowingly taken an action which will deprive such people of life-preserving medication, would this not be murder?

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      1. I too am diabetic and my last two repeat prescription orders of insulin have been reduced by 60%.
        Nothing to worry about immediately but cause for concern.
        No human insulin is manufactured in the UK,it all has to be imported from Europe.
        I really hope that,as for essential PPE,the Scottish government has a plan to source essential medicines independently of the Brexiteers supply chains.
        The same goes for food supplies.

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        1. I hope so too, bringiton. In the normal way, I shouldn’t think the EU would deny life-preseerving medications like insulin. (After all, they remained generous in their offers re PPE access and we weren’t, technically, members any more.) But combined with Covid? Their own supplies may be affected.

          Best of luck with your supply…


      2. In most decent humans that would be akin to murder yes. Awful to even think your loved ones lives could be at risk because of greedy, rich, selfish troughers at WM. I sincerely hope life saving meds are not affected, for your son and everyone relying on them. The 21st century and we have to deal with the most conniving, scheming, lying lowlifes being in charge of the most crucial decisions at a crucial time, it’s absolute madness. What a sham.
        Fingers crossed for your soms meds, all the best.


        1. Thanks for the good wishes, AH.

          Suppose he could claim asylum, on the grounds that the government is taking actions which threaten his life! These people (and I use the term loosely) should be dragged to The Hague.

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  2. Brexit and poverty.

    “As early as July 2016, just after the referendum, the Rowntree Foundation produced a Brexit briefing urging the UK government to produce a plan to boost the poorest regions of the UK following Brexit. It showed the 12 regions scheduled to receive the most EU funding to tackle poverty and boost growth up to 2020. One of these is Wales, which was set to receive £1.9bn, representing £627 per head of population.

    In September 2018 Rowntree produced another report ‘How could Brexit affect poverty in the UK?’. It predicted increases in prices of food which, coupled with possible falls in real wages and lower employment could be a perfect storm for the 14 million people in the UK who live in poverty. Child poverty is set to increase further after Brexit, affecting poorer areas most. And, as mentioned above, there will be an end of EU funding related to poverty reduction.

    Last year the Soil Association also produced a number of policy briefings, noting that food needed to be put at the top of the political agenda, particularly given the extent to which the rules of food trade affect public health. In an article in The Guardian Julian Baggini made use of one of these reports ), plus another by the Harvard School of Public Health, to point out that trade liberalisation tends to lead to an increase in so-called ‘junk’ food and thus to obesity and other health problems, citing the example of NAFTA, which has changed the obesity rates for the worse in both Mexico and Canada.”


  3. Even with a FTA companies in the UK are going to struggle in January. There are customs forms to complete which many are unfamiliar with. No thought can be fiven to supplying origin information on exports under rules that are not yet known. So shambolic to awful. No FTA is… well… much worse.


      1. This Scottish guy had an idea about species and survival and coined the term, origin of species. He was, though a bit of a eugenisist, shame, but an amazing Scottish scientist. Most Scots who led the way in science etc were ignored, James Hutton, Patrick Syme, John Janes Waterston, even Thomas Telford. I always believed T. Telford was English, at least at school it was never mentioned he was a Scottish engineer and an excellent one at that! Oops, sorry to go off at a complete tangent, delirious due to lack of sleep.
        Here is the real man behind the idea of origin of species.

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  4. Trump reveals that Rudy Giuliani has covid 19. Rudy is being taken to Walter Reed Pool Supples for treatment. Correction – going to Four Seasons Landscaping.


  5. Sam, part of todays news, is the economic, health and educational stagnation of the North (of England) due to a decade of austerity and the pandemic.
    Reminds me of Scotland since the 1980’s–but the media/Tories/Labour dont have the SNP to pin the blame on.

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    1. The EngGov only ever gave a few beads to the regions ‘up north’ in England to keep the factory and cannon fodder happy. I was brought up there. Why so many people vote Tory and also for Brexit though, is just mind boggling, I suspect though that many don’t vote due to feeling disenfranchised, and the Tories, and Labour don’t care on jot, it’s very convenient for them. Even worse, the Tories consider some people as ‘high value’, so it stands to reason they actually consider some people to be of low ‘value’. How very fascist.
      Scary times, post Brexit, BritNat nationalist service for the poor, or workhouses. Scotland’s having non of that backward c**p.


  6. Tories are trying to cut the SNHS funding. They are trying to give unionist (illegal) councils even more to waste. They waste enough already. Borrowing and spending monies like there is no tomorrow. Latest venture shutting off the beach area to traffic. Cost £1.7million. Traffic chaos. A few weeks later changing it back. More traffic chaos and wasted cash. Paying £7Million a year in loan repayments on empty shops and offices monstrosity.

    Refusing a gift of £80million to pedestrianise and renovate the City Centre. Supported by the taxpayers, The City Centre now shut off again. Providing illegal licences for donations. Increasing covid 19 transmission. Ex Labour now in with the Tories, Give them more monies to waste on useless projects. A conference centre £300million. 4 parking payment meters. Queues miles long. Building high rises when people want pedestrianisation. Not concrete jungles. The list is endless. Council waste but not funding essential services. Kept in power by a two job Tory, an offender, and a LibDem renegade.

    The Tories are trying to cut SNHS funding. The ConDems elected to protect NHS and Education cut funding. They cut NHS £4Billion a year and Education £6Billion a year. From 2015 to 2020. The Scottish Gov had to mitigate the cuts.

    The Brexit mess and shambles awaits. The Tories cannot count or read a balance sheet. Increased military spending. Wasting £Billions on Hinkley Point, HS2 and Trident. Cutting essential services £13Billion a year. They have not got a clue. Austerity killing people. The pandemic planning and funding shut down for Brexit. They could not make a bigger mess and shambles. Vote them out.


    1. Gordon the EngGov have cut the ‘budget’ to Scotland by £billions since the SNP took the helm. The cash the BritNats sent back to Scotland after taking their massive resources and revenues, was actually more when the BritBat Labour party were all cosy at the helm at Holyrood for ten years.
      Whatever did they do with the money, it’s surely a mystery.


  7. One must be realistic here and in the event of a No deal then without any doubts here is not what will arise BUT WILL
    But 1st The Negatives
    1.£ drops at least 15% food price rockets
    2.Food shortage
    3.Flight of capitol out of country
    4.Massive collapse of Motor manufacturing
    5.Inward investment collapse
    6.UK credit rating goes thru the floor
    7.Borrowing requirements increase
    8. Borrowing costs rise fast
    9.Key labour shortages in vital areas
    10.Civil unrest
    11.Vital life saving medicine shortages
    All this shall ever increase on a daily basis
    Leading to the one and only POSITIVE
    A massive Pro Indy majority for May Holyrood and woe betide a NO to a Sect.30
    The rising tide of Indy shall become a Tsunami


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