Only an independent Scotland in the EU could save BiFab

Predictably, Macwhirter goes with the pack and blames the SNP for the faults of the Union:

Gary Smith of the GMB knows the truth:

The truth is that state funded European energy and engineering firms, backed by Far East finance and Middle East sovereign wealth funds, are carving-up thousands of jobs and billions of pounds from our renewables sector, and firms like BiFab are left fighting for scraps off our own table.

I know, The Tusker quotes Gary Smith of the GMB, approvingly, SHOCK? You’d expect the leader of the General, Municipal, Boilermakers union to be better informed on building wind turbines than on infection control in care homes and it seems he is.

‘State funded’ sums it up. All this stuff about EU rules is a cover for the UK political establishment, whether led by the Tories, Blairites or Starmerites to keep organised labour out and their chums in.

I’m no expert in this area but see this:

EU funds which are granted directly to undertakings without coming under the control of a public authority of a Member State cannot be considered to be state resources. It follows that such direct funding by the EU does not constitute state aid.

Click to access Briefing_State%20Aid%20and%20EU%20funding_Final.pdf

Couldn’t you drive an articulated lorry carrying a wind turbine throught that?

4 thoughts on “Only an independent Scotland in the EU could save BiFab

  1. Having two governments for the price of one (not quite) brings the smoke and mirrors situation deliberately constructed by Westminster.
    Trying to find out who is responsible for what is not easy and allows unionists to blame the SG when it suits their purposes.
    However,there is no doubt that without SG intervention,BiFab,Prestwick and Ferguson would have been long gone.
    This illustrates the absolute necessity to have complete control of our finances and industrial policy.

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    1. Makes you wonder what else the BritNats would have destroyed. The Labour party in Scotland in their ten years at Holyrood privatised the non domestic arm of Scottish water and planned to sell off the rest, luckily they were voted out just in time. They started to totally run down Edinburgh’s major research and cancer hospital, the Western General, in order to close it down. Huge piece of real estate, they must have been chomping at the bit to get their dirty scheming hands on the land. Luckily it was saved by the SNP, expanded and invested in, hugely important to Edinburgh, crucial it’s there in fact. Imagine having just one hospital, the ERI, for a population of half a million, which when built by Labour via their PFI scams, was not functioning well, nor big enough for the cities needs, it hardly bears thinking about.


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