No, a few wee arguments are a sign that some folk are just upset, feeling rejected and entitled to say so

Tom Gordon’s reasoning is just pure ‘Cod psychology.’

Where is the evidence that folk who feel hard done by only say so when they feel the organisation they live within is strong, and that they feel able to do so because they’re are too confident that they won’t damage it?

Isn’t it the opposite? When an organisation is in deep doodoo, like the Labour Party, unable to catch the most dysfunctional party of government in decades, everybody is up in arms, not just two or three of them.

As for factionalism, there is no more an anti-Woke faction or an organised leftist Common Weal group than there was a Woke group. A democratic majority of conference attendees seemed to have preferred candidates for the NEC whom they thought were more focused on independence, first and second. There was no conspiracy.

In the earlier elections for MSP candidacy, local branches, quite elderly folk in the main, seem to have preferred the same ‘type’. There was no conspiracy. I voted in the South Ayrshire one, saw all the emails and Facebook comments. The word ‘woke’, to my knowledge is not even on the vocabulary of most.

This is just another example of the MSM scraping round in the mud looking for something, any thing, that might damage the SNP’s electoral chances.

Oh and, by the way, with the Tusker readership plummeting, I’m feeling persecuted just like William Wallace was and even Alyn Smith is.

11 thoughts on “No, a few wee arguments are a sign that some folk are just upset, feeling rejected and entitled to say so

  1. Re
    Damage electoral chances of the SNP
    The only possible thing that can do so are any worthwhile benefit that the UNION can come up with
    And in that dept.Westminster indeed is in the exact same state as Old Mother Hubbard
    The cupboard is bare
    Oh sorry it is full but of IOU,s & debt notes


  2. In a world where the ELECTED “Scottish” Tory Leader, gets dumped by Davidson and Gove to be replaced by a Manchurian Candidate drone—- its the SNP who are split.
    In a world where the Tories fight over Brexit, tiers and libertarianism (not to mention BORIS)— its the SNP who are split.
    In a world where the leader of Labour denies the whip to the previous leader of Labour—its the SNP who are split.
    In a world where the Leader of “Scottish” has to fight off a defenestration attempt (again) by right-wing anti-devolutionists—its the SNP who are split.
    In a world where Labour and the Tories have “wings” fighting an eternal battle for the soul of their parties—-it is the SNP who are split.

    Dream on, Tom. You underestimate the intelligence of the audience your paper should be appealing to. In Scotland we are clever enough to believe in two different things at the same time, and credit others who do the same. It is how humans evolved, how intelligence evolved, how we can walk, and chew gum at the same time.
    How we can admire people of the calibre of Alick Buchanon-Smith, or George Younger, or John Mackintosh, or Keir Hardie, or Campbell Christie (and thousands of others) and come to appreciate that they were unconscious signposts pointing the way to full Scottish self-government, not as hurdles to it.

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    1. A most excellent retort, gavinochiltree!

      If there is disagreement within the SNP then there is ‘indiscipline and over-confidence’. If there is NO disagreement within the SNP then its membership is a ‘cult’!

      And if there is any other characteristic that can be conjured up – whether true or not – The Herald’s journalists and other Unionists will use their endless ingenuity to claim that it too is an ‘SNP bad’!

      How on earth does it NOT become tedious – NOT become professionally unsatisfying – for Mr Gordon and his ilk to churn out such stuff day after day? Their British Nationalism seems to over-ride all: what a professional career to look back on in time with pride!

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  3. Sorry John, can’t agree with you here. Just as the country appears to be solidifying behind independence, SNP activists are splintering all over the place. The youngsters of the so-called “Woke” faction were voted out by the old farts of the “Malcontent” faction after a list was put out for them to vote for. So many of the younger members of the Party (the most important for indy) are now alienated.

    Meanwhile, the more gullible of those swept up by the Malcontent rhetoric think the Party has been saved and can now concentrate on next May’s election. However, their more rabid fellow travellers have only been emboldened by their “success”, have even more ambitious targets in their sights and the election is seen as just a distraction. So the moderate “gullibles” will become the new enemy while the “rabids” get ever more vicious in their internecine campaign.

    Sorry to be such a downer, but having crossed swords with these deluded nutters, I have no doubt there are troubling times ahead for the SNP and the Indy movement. Principally whipped up by an egotistical blogger, with an inflated sense of their own importance, who won’t be happy until the SNP is an unelectable parody of itself.

    I have to say, until a few short months ago, I was supremely confident about Indy and happy as a clam. Then I went to a particular site, couldn’t believe what I was seeing, and it’s been all downhill from there 😦


    1. You sure it’s not wishful thinking.
      The whole divide stuff that was actually taking OVER the party and certainly in terms of the narrative, used widely on social media, where ‘young’ people tend to hang out, was becoming far too prominent and divisive. Now that you mention it I would not put it past those intent on distracting from the actual goal being independence, to have attepted to appeal to the younger folk, because in fact they are majority pro independence! Now where would I aim my faux grievances if I wanted to alienate the young people who are in the majority FOR indy. Hmm let me think now.
      Your comment re ‘old farts’ tells us all we need to know about your agenda. It just won’t wash with folk here. And ‘deluded nutters’? Jeezo what a way to describe anyone really…well, other than the Tories, red Tories and their voters!
      The party has made a decision to move forward, with very capable people steering the party according to the actual voters’ wishes, which is the only positive way to secure an independence referendum for Scotland, which is what our young people want too. Any infighting or internal divisions can be sorted out over time, but absolutley not to the detriment of independence!


      1. A few points ArtyHetty;

        My “wishful thinking” is for a united SNP and Indy movement going into the most important election in Scottish history. Malcontents, not satisfied with the route of what many of them refer to as “The Twitler Youth”, are still intent on taking more scalps spurred on by the “Malcontent-in-Chief”. Check out Wings. He’s not finished yet, despite it being mere weeks till the election.

        My comment on “Old Farts” was to highlight the key difference between the two factions. The “Woke” faction is dominated by younger, more progressive individuals, while the “Malcontents” tend to be dominated by older, more conservative individuals. I’ll be a pensioner myself in a couple of years so I’ve no inter-generational axe to grind here. And I know the young are in the majority for Indy. That is why I said they are the most important. We need them to vote. They are also very “progressive”. How do many of them feel about Indy now the “Progressives/Woke” have been so publicly purged from the NEC?

        As to “deluded nutters”, it is an apt description for those who think tearing the SNP apart from the inside is the way to ensure independence. It is also quite tame compared to what many of the Malcontents call anyone who happens to disagree with them. Note “Twitler Youth” above and then, again, visit the Wings site. I’ve had much worse than “deluded nutter” thrown at me for pointing out the folly (in my opinion) of their reasoning. Any deviation from the Malcontent dogma just will not be tolerated by them.

        Yes, for sane people in-fighting and internal divisions should be sorted out with no detriment to independence, but for the Malcontents who are further “down the rabbit hole” than most it is of secondary importance. They have tasted blood with the NEC elections and they want more.


      2. A large percentage of the “Malcontents” on the nutters blog are paid for their efforts. They work on 3 core themes.

        1. The SNP leadership and elected politicians do not want independence.
        2. Sturgeon and Murrell must be removed before May’ Holyrood election.
        3. The party has been taken over by anti female rights Trans activists.

        The paper that claim to support an independent Scotland in the days after the NEC vote had numerous articles telling the world that the SNP is split.

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