Neil Oliver dumped on by Einstein!

Neil Oliver and his very large Claymore. BBC Host, author, battlefield  archaeologist Barefoot and in a kilt. Oh myyyyy. | Favorite celebrities,  Women, Kilt

In the Herald today, Neil Oliver:

Neil Oliver has said that he believes Scotland choosing independence would be a “step backwards” and would ‘infringe’ on his human rights. Speaking to Unlocked the Coast presenter said: “For me to draw a new hard-line separating Scotland from England in that formal sense is a backwards step. I prefer what I’ve always had and I bridle at the thought that someone can take away my nationality and replace it with another.

What is Unlocked? It’s a proudly ‘common sense‘ Youtube TV news broadcaster:

A new common-sense media channel for those abandoned by the MSM. Fast-moving & fearless, we speak Britain’s language.

When I hear people claim authority based on ‘common sense’, I reach for my……google quotations. Here’s a good one:

Albert Einstein on Common Sense 28 Painting by ArtGuru Official

And, back to this human rights thing. What about my human rights? I don’t want to be British. What about the millions like me?

And, backwards step? How is becoming a small, more democratic, pacificist, non-nuclear state a step back from being only half-democratic, militaristic and with a policy pf wiping out your neighbours?

9 thoughts on “Neil Oliver dumped on by Einstein!

  1. Tried reading this emotional drivel looking for something concrete.
    gave up at this out and out lie
    ‘that clean and clear “once in a generation” decision – that decision that both Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond swore, in writing, they would accept and uphold – the question has never gone away.’

    As as someone who pretends to be a historian here is take home line from the Treaty of Arbroath

    ‘The most familiar line of the Declaration of Arbroath, a letter to a 14th century Pope, concerned the necessity of 100 Scots remaining alive if Scotland were to prevail. My dream of Britain requires just me myself alone – it will last as long as me – but as many as want to are welcome to join me.’

    And people below the line love him!!!!

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  2. Poor wee Nelly.
    There comes a time when you have to stop suckling at the teat, and GROW UP!

    And stop trying to infringe the right of Scots to self-determine their future.

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  3. He is OK with Brexit though!
    He could always consider moving. I have if we stay in this dreadful Union.
    His TV programmes highlight the main problem…his version of History differs greatly from the truth.

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  4. He does know that if he gains Scottish citizenship through independence he’ll still be able to claim British citizenship?

    If ever a walking description of a nyaff was needed it’s him.

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  5. Many Thanks for the Einstein quote.
    There are some marvelous Einstein quotes, a lot of them regarding stupidity and stupid people, but I missed that one. I shall use it from this day forth. Common sense is an over rated pastime. Let’s see some ‘good sense’ for a change.

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  6. For your entertainment. Here’s a Neil Oliver quote, I think it was from ‘Coast’. He was visiting a WW2 airfield in SW Scotland, wittering about those that had flown from the airfield when he said.
    “And Now,,,,,,,, I am going to go up myself”.
    He really did say that, I couldn’t stop laughing for days.

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