Damned if they did damned if they didn’t?

THE numbers of women dying with dementia at home has risen by 75% according to figures which have been attributed to over-stretched health and social care services during the pandemic. Figures suggest significantly more women have died with the disease outwith care homes and hospitals than in previous years.

The Herald’s Caroline Wilson opened with the above and I thought, wait, do the ‘concerned’ think we should have put more into care homes, to infect or to get infected?

Confusing me a little, the report then seems to be about excess deaths in care homes.

So, is the point really, that there have been excess deaths among the elderly as in the recently misused Stirling University research which does show that but also shows there were fewer in Scottish care homes and that more of those with dementia should have been admitted?

Am I missing something?

It’s not clear who is pushing this story. Independent researchers are mentioned and both Age Scotland and Alzheimer Scotland comment. There’s no sign of Scottish Labour, yet. Are they struggling with the necessary three-point turn?

Watch this space for Monica Lennon.

One thought on “Damned if they did damned if they didn’t?

  1. Surely, if people with dementia can be looked after in familiar surroundings such as their own homes and with sufficient support, this is all to the good.
    Those of my age may remember tales of a relative who got a bit forgetful and ‘not the full shilling’, but was looked after by the family, often taken in by a daughter or daughter-in-law. Obviously this is not alwas possible in present circumstances but, when it is, it must be a lot easier for the person with dementia to be in a familiar setting and with people he or she knows.


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