The Herald’s grim image of itself

The lads at the Herald must have whooped with delight and hand-slapped around the room when they captured the above image.

I recommend immediate promotion to the Daily Mail or the Sun. They’ve earned it. No really, they deserve it.

The article? Noooo! I won’t be reading that. That picture made me not want to read it. Do they think some folk will be drawn in to read it? I don’t want to meet those folk.

Readers may know I’m not an uncritical supporter of the FM. I remain perturbed about her apparent enthusiasm for the war criminal Hilary Clinton but, hey, that photo selection is just a sad comment on the editor.

I’m not saying they should have chosen one of these:

but, surely, for goodness sake, something a bit more dignified for them.

Will this affect her popularity or that of the SNP? Haha, they wish. Read the next poll and discover how little the vast majority is following their slimy trail.

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2 thoughts on “The Herald’s grim image of itself

  1. Lord Rodger (a Scottish Law Lord) explained in Three Rivers:

    ‘… from time to time, a tribunal will be deprived of potentially useful evidence but the public interest in people being properly advised on matters of law is held to outweigh the competing public interest in making that evidence available’.

    Swinney’s argument is that disclosure could establish a precedent which would undermine the above principle. Doesn’t mean to say there may not be stuff in there to embarass the government.


  2. As a point of principle I won’t be getting into the gutter to read the “Slimy” Herald.

    Very few people would look as good as our FM when faced with The guff that eminates from Leonard and Davidson.

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