Actions speak louder than words

Get a room!!

On seeing this below, Richard Leonard tweeted:

Scottish Labour happy to rule out a sensational deal with Douglas Ross. Or any kind of deal, for that matter.

Really? Then why are so many councils where SNP is the largest party run by Labour+Tory coalitions?

And then Labour Tory Councils deciding against money getting money from SNP at Holyrood. Why?

Labour and Conservative authorities vote against increased funding for level 4 areas at today’s special COSLA meeting. Their decision reduces support for local businesses at their greatest time of need and delays the release of this vital funding.

Because  they think they will get more money from Westminster, perhaps?  Surely not. They have already noted the dangers (but they still want the Union way).

Here is Cllr Alison Evison  Aberdeenshire Council (LAB)  COSLA President

The Internal Market Bill could pose a threat to Scotland’s Councils and the Communities they serve, COSLA said today (Monday).

COSLA also called for clarity in relation to the protection of essential local services from potentially being undermined as a result of this Bill.

Commenting, COSLA President Councillor Alison Evison said:  “Now more than ever, it is imperative that the three spheres of government – UK, Scottish and Local – work together in the interests and the wellbeing of the of the communities we serve.

“The Internal Market Bill poses a threat to Scotland’s Councils, and as the President of COSLA, I must stress the real concerns of Scottish Local Government about a number of areas.

They only have to look south to see what is really going to happen.

Eight out of 10 English councils at risk of bankruptcy, says study

131 upper-tier councils face fresh round of service cuts or going bust, thinktank finds

Of course Douglas has great plans for all those Communities  – he’d give them the money direct and enable them to tell  SNP at Holyrood  (and the councils) to butt out.

The Scottish Government should hand more powers to communities on issues like planning and business rates, Scottish Tory leader Dougal Ross will tell his party conference.

He will also put forward proposals for a programme of ‘community investment deals’ made up of both UK and Scottish Government funding.,douglas-ross-to-set-out-manifesto-pledges-for-communities

Like these folk:Campaigners celebrate ‘momentous turnaround’ as Culloden Battlefield house rejected by Scottish Ministers

Campaigners are celebrating after Scottish Ministers made the ‘uprecedented’ move to stop a house being built on Culloden Battlefield.

It comes after the Scottish Government took the unusual step of refusing a decision by the Planning Reporter, who recommended that a luxury steading conversion at Culchunaig could be built.

The contentious site sits close to the south west perimeter of the section of battlefield owned by National Trust for Scotland and within the historic battlefield boundary.

Oh no! That’s wrong!  The local community wanted Holyrood to tell the Highland Council where to go.

But surely the Tories will give power to  local communities direct – well, like they did when Highland council was created in 1995.

The Highland Council (Comhairle na Gaidhealtachd in Gaelic), the political body covering the Highland local authority created in 1995, comprises 22 wards, each electing three or four councillors by the single transferable vote system, which creates a form of proportional representation.[4][5] The total number of councillors is 74,[5] and the main meeting place and main offices are in Glenurquhart Road, Inverness.[6]

So, it is a local council  with an area the size of Belgium. A council that is bigger than some parliaments (e.g. Iceland, Luxembourg) where councillors can travel 100 miles to attend a council meeting. And it is run by who exactly?     (Hint. Not SNP)

Not sure that the Conservative plans for empowering communities worked out so well then, so maybe Mr Leonard  you should have a wee rethink of claims that rule out  doing deals with Tories when your party already does deals with them in lots of Local Authorities all over Scotland.

8 thoughts on “Actions speak louder than words

  1. Can just imagine DRoss and Leotard never off the blower, I bet they chat for hours, “blah blah blah blah”. Direct line, and out of office hours, which are no doubt many, their lackeys will be besties, more “blah blah blah”. Labour and Tory, HQ’d in England, two cheeks of the same greedy ar*e.
    Is it just me or does anyone else think that the losers going into ‘coalition’ in so many Scottish councils, to keep the winners out, is just a tad undemocratic.
    Put nowt past them, these rogues are plotting already, they will try it on, a coalition in May 21, just watch. You know I wonder how many totally staunch Labour followers in Scotland would accept that though, hmmm? I mean, they still bang on with the myth (they love telling it to anyone who will listen) , ‘aye, your SNPeee let the Thatcher government in tho aye’. It’s a universal myth, my sister who is politically illiterate in NE Eng. came out with that rubbish, she’d seen it all over facebook. It’s amazing how myths can be spread around, like sh*te to suit pretendy lefty Labourites.
    I reckon the Tories and their few voters in Scotland would be very happy to get all nice and cosy with their bestie pals to enact a coup, ie oust the SNP.

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  2. Aberdeen City Council an absolute disgrace. 9 now non Labour members in coalition with the Tories, To keep majority SNP out. Kept in place by a two job Tory, a Tory offender and a LibDem who immediately became an Independent to join the illegal administration.

    £1,2Billion in debt. They sold the City on the stock exchange.The mismanagement is legendary.The Deputy an Independent (600 votes) elected to stop the essential by pass. Waited for for 40 years of unionist corruption. The unionist repeatedly voted against it. While all the Oil revenues went south.

    The illegal council has spent £200million building empty shop and offices. Muse project. Loan repayment £7Million a year. For buildings sitting empty. Refused a gift of £80Million to regenerate and pedestrianise the City Centre. Voted for by the council taxpayers. In favour. Spent £300million on a Conference Centre with 4 parking meters. The queues to leave the building are impossible. A colossal overpay. The latest gaff. Spending £1.7million ruining the beach area. Shutting off the road and causing traffic chaos, as usual. Now being rectified at more expense. Causing more traffic chaos. Par for the chaos,

    Tory donating businesses are being given licences, breaking the rules and spreading the virus, extending further lockdown, The illegal unionist cabal is breaking the rules and guidelines and spreading the virus. Given bars acting illegally extended licences. The deputy has been censured for breaking, breaching confidential rules. A complete and utter shambles. Breaking laws and rules with impunity. Then trying to blame the Scottish Gov.

    The SNP Gov built the essential AWPR after 40 years. Invested in wind turbines and renewable energy. Enough to more than power the city and bring in revenue. Supported the Golf development to improve tourism. After the pandemic. The SNP Gov has invested in the City. A new Harbour etc.

    The illegal council has squandered taxpayers monies on non essential extravagant projects. High rise ruining the city. Wasting monies on empty offices and shops and not funding essential services properly. They are a disgrace.


  3. Trying to blame the Scottish Gov for the Brexit mess and shambles. The lying Tory psycho bastards. Their own description. How low can they go? When they have gone as low as possible. They then go even lower. Complete lying hypocrites. Their Brexit mess unfolding. Going even lower. Vote them out. Into oblivion. Totally incompetent. Never have so many been promoted above their capabilities, A total embarrassment. Johnston total incompetence, along with the rest.


    1. When are these losing Tory/Labour combos going to pay back the billions of POUNDS for P.F.I funding for Hospitals and schools.Many that were dangerous,how many schools in Edinburgh alone,bused children elsewhere for 6 months.These councils owe the Scottish Government billions,never mind hand out more,they stood for the constitution not on council matters and lost.No wonder they waste so much money.Not interested in Scotland,s welfare just personal use of funding themselves.


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