The Four Stooges stumble as ‘Sturgeon’ reveals The truth of the situation

Last night, Reporting Scotland suggested Scottish Government guidance on hospital transfers to care homes might have cost lives then gave four opposition politicians the opportunity to make worn claims in an attempt to lay deaths at the doors of Holyrood.

The complete absence of evidence for their claims was not even offered as balance.

The evidence now long in, that corporate greed and neglect in larger care homes was responsible was not mentioned either.

The independent academic explanation from a professor appeared after the four politicians had done their damage.

This story is now a full urban myth.

Today, the First Minister before responding to a gaggle of drooling hacks repeating the same confused claims laid out the facts. Here they are again.

The Facts:

The First Minister:

Firstly, you may have seen some media coverage over the weekend, which has prompted some of you to email about the policy of testing people when they are being discharged from hospital to care homes. In light of that coverage I want to provide some reassurance on our because I know this an issue that can cause concern.

In particular, I want to emphasise that the policy is that anyone who has had Covid should have two negative tests before being discharged from a hospital to a care home.

Anyone who has been in hospital for reasons other than Covid should still have one negative test recorded before discharged to a care home.

That is the policy, and it is very clear and it has not changed since we introduced that earlier in the pandemic.

However, sometimes, there can be exceptional circumstances based on the clinical interests of a patient that mean something different will happen and again, this has not changed but I want to stress today that that would only be in exceptional circumstances and give some explanation of what that might be.

Sometimes, for example, a clinical care team looking after a patient in hospital, particularly if that patient is coming towards the end of their life, it might be clear that it would in the best interests of the patient to spend their remaining days at home, and in this context of course, for many older people home is a care home.

And the clinical team in judging might also judge that the patient, because of their overall condition, is unable to consent to a test or that a test might cause them harm or distress given the circumstances that they are in.

And it’s worth remembering that the Covid PCR test, which many of you watching may now have had the experience of, is quite an invasive test.

So it is only in these exceptional circumstances, driven by the clinical interests of an individual patient that someone could be moved to a care home without a test being done.

And it’s important to also stress that this would only happen in consultation with the patient, if that is possible, and with the patient’s family, and the care home.

It would follow a thorough risk assessment, with appropriate mitigating actions and support being put in place. And a 14 day period of isolation would also be applied to that patient.

Such a decision, and I think that is the key point I would want to make today, would be clinically led and driven by the clinical interests of the patient. It would be wrong, and I hope you can understand this, for any politician to seek to interfere with clinical decisions of this nature.

But the point that it is important for me to stress, is that what I’ve just outlined to you there are exceptional circumstances driven by clinical decisions and they don’t change the overall policy that we have in place.

That policy is clear, and it is one we expect to be followed, care home residents in hospital for Covid and being discharged to care homes should be tested before being moved.

I hope that that provides reassurance to people and explanation to people and especially to people who do have loved ones in a care home right now.

Restrained or whit?

I could never be a politician.

I’d blow a gasket!

7 thoughts on “The Four Stooges stumble as ‘Sturgeon’ reveals The truth of the situation

  1. Thankfully Nicola is always well prepared but how she keeps her cool i don’t know, the press were like a pack of vultures today. They were so sure they had something hat would floor her. Mind their attitude and language aren’t surprising when you hear MPs petulant bids for attention – Neil Findlay in particular stands out today. Painful to watch and so mind bogglingly counter productive – how on earth can reasonably intelligent humans be so blind to their own ridiculousness?

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  2. ..and I’ll bet her statement will not even feature in Misreporting Scotland’s programme tonight. Like you, I was bealing watching their comments last night.

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  3. If we had serious journalists, this explanation would not have been required.
    If we had impartial media this explanation would not have been required.
    If we had journalists who followed the rules of ethical journalism………
    If we had journalists with any self respect……………..
    If we had a press which was elevated above the gutter…………………..
    If we had a BBC which followed their own guidelines………………..
    If Scotland was a normal, independent country………………..rather than a colony.

    Next year, please Santa!

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  4. Questions really have to be asked of the various MSPs who asked these questions. Questions such as “Are you hoping people will die so that you have an opportunity to start blaming?”

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    1. Blimey who asked that question? That’s dreadful, how unprofessional and desperate. It reveals utter contempt for the FM and it reveals the sheer lack of consideration for the people who pay their wages, in their attempt to fear monger for their own political agenda. This virus has been so politicised by the BritNats it’s unreal, it’s incredibly immoral and sinister, the MSPs who use this deadly virus to their own ends should be sacked quite frankly, the levels to which they stoop is truly sickening. Despicable.


  5. It’s the hypocrisy of the oppositional journalists and of the opposition politicians – unless of course it’s just their ignorance of what is happening in England but without comparable partisan politicisation!

    From Public Health England: Guidance – Admission and care of residents in a care home during COVID-19. Updated 4 November 2020

    Firstly,as the extract below shows, the guidance clearly expects any care home that accepts residents discharged from hospital to be able to isolate individuals for up to 14 days.

    “To minimise the risk to residents in care homes during periods of sustained community transmission, all residents being discharged from hospital or interim care facilities to the care home, and new residents admitted from the community, should be isolated for 14 days within their own room. This should be the case unless they have already undergone isolation for a 14-day period in another setting, and even then, the care home may wish to isolate new residents for a further 14 days. ”

    Secondly, as the next extract shows, the guidance clearly anticipates that a small number of people will be discharged from hospital to a care home whilst experiencing Covid-19 symptoms – because a clinical decision that they no longer need in patient care has been taken:

    “A small number of people may be discharged from hospital within the 14-day period from the onset of COVID-19 symptoms needing ongoing social care, but no longer needing in-patient care. They will have been COVID-19 tested and have confirmed COVID-positive status. Test results should be included in discharge documentation. They will also need to be isolated until they complete their 14-day recommended isolation period.”

    However, as the next extract reveals, individuals with a ‘Covid-19 illness’ may well be discharged to a care home, with the home’s agreement:

    “No care home will be forced to admit an existing or new resident to the care home if they are unable to cope with the impact of the person’s COVID-19 illness for the duration of the isolation period.”

    “Some care providers will be able to accommodate these individuals through effective isolation strategies or cohorting policies. If appropriate isolation/cohorted care is not available with a local care provider, the individual’s local authority will be asked to secure alternative appropriate accommodation and care for the remainder of the required isolation period.”

    But next we learn that although the patient being discharged to a care home will have been tested, the result may not be known:

    “Where a test result is still awaited, the patient will be discharged and pending the result, isolated in the same way as every admission or transfer to a care home “

    Notice that whether a test result is known or not, the isolation procedure will be the same as for any other admission under any other circumstance.

    The above is taken from a PHE document updated on 4 November.

    And finally:

    From Department of Health and Social Care: Guidance
    Hospital discharge service: policy and operating model
    Updated 16 September 2020

    Again the extract below confirms that individuals may be discharged to a care home EVEN IF the Covid-19 test result is not known at the point of admission to the home. It is once again clear that the DHSC accepts that certain care homes have the facilities/expertise to cater for Covid-19 positive – actual or potentially – transfers from hospitals through isolation and associated infection prevention and control practices:

    “3.13 DHSC/PHE policy is that people being discharged from hospital to care homes are tested for COVID-19 in a timely manner ahead of being discharged (as set out in the coronavirus: adult social care action plan), regardless of whether they were residents of the care home previously or not. Where a test result is still awaited, the person will be discharged if the care home states that it is able to safely isolate the patient as outlined in admission and care of people in care homes guidance. If this is not possible then alternative accommodation and care for the remainder of the required isolation period needs to be provided by the local authority, funded by the discharge funding.”


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