SHOCK: ‘Winter of Discontent’ cancelled as less than 1% is considering strike action

Before, I go any further, I am completely in favour of higher wages for local government workers. I note also that Scotland has 25% of the UK’s Living Wage’ employers yet only 8% of the population of the UK. Local authorities are, I feel sure, well-represented in that 25%.

So, those workers should probably see the SNP Government as, at least to some extent, on their side. Further improvements are needed, I agree.

Unite Scotland, which carried out this ‘study’ is of course aligned with the Labour left including Corbyn and our own Richard Leonard, so we have little reason to trust their ‘study’, so-called to make it sound academic and rigorous.

It won’t be.

Needless to say they haven’t published the data or the methods and the ‘study’ only seems to have been fed to the Herald. It’s not even on the Unite social media pages.

Only 3 000 out of Scotland’s 250 00 local government workers bothered to respond. That’s 1.6%.

56% of those said they were prepared to take industrial action so that’s less than 1%.

In a self-selecting survey where only 1.6% bother to respond, you should just give up.

This is just another scare story.

3 thoughts on “SHOCK: ‘Winter of Discontent’ cancelled as less than 1% is considering strike action

  1. The Herod want to promote a narrative of Scottish discontent, based on lies, misrepresentation and political spin.
    On its FRONT page!
    Its only weeks ago that this rag was BEGGING for support.

    Today, the Herod and Hootsmon have this pish, sandwiched between utter gush, spin and hate from the Tories.

    Let us hope no unfortunate fish has to suffer the ignominy of being placed on a bier of chips, within the pages of these yellow pages gutter rags.

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  2. The Herod and Hootsman HQ’d in England, really want people to strike in Scotland don’t they. Maybe their story tellers are bored or something.
    Nevermind ‘morale’ these nasty anti Scottish rags and waste of paper
    have no morals. The lies and misinformation that they put out daily is utterly unethical, their agenda is to pull the wool over the eyes of the people of Scotland as much as they possibly can. Once Scotland is independent these wasters can and will be ditched.


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