leading academic accuses one or two teachers of showing a ‘total lack of perspective and understanding’ and journalist of total lack of evidence

In the Scotsman, ‘journalism’ as they call it:

Several teachers said they felt “gaslighted” and “frustrated” about the Scottish Government’s handling of the issue of keeping clinically vulnerable teachers safe. All of the teachers we spoke to requested anonymity due to fearing for their jobs due to ‘gagging clauses’ in their contracts banning them from openly criticising their employers, in this case, local councils.

The Scotsman’s Connor Matchett gives no number but only two are quoted.

The evidence, the facts are in, the above is rubbish:

A summary of the latest evidence on coronavirus (COVID-19) in schools has been published. The paper, from the COVID-19 Advisory Sub-Group on Education and Children’s Issues, looks at the risks posed by the virus to pupils and staff, and the benefits to children and young people of schools remaining open.

It shows:

  • the rate of coronavirus-related sickness among pupils is low across the country – at 12 November, this represented about 0.1% of all pupils
  • there is no direct evidence that transmission of the virus within schools plays a significant role in driving rates of infection among children
  • data found there is no difference between COVID-19 positivity rates in teachers and school staff relative to other worker groups of the same age
  • closing schools presents a serious risk of harm to the wellbeing of children and young people, particularly those who are vulnerable
  • more than 75% of schools in Scotland did not have any pupils who tested positive for COVID-19 in the first term of the school year. Rises in positive cases in the last three weeks of term coincided with an increase in community prevalence across all adult age groups. 

Professor Devi Sridhar, Chair of Global Public Health at the University of Edinburgh and a member of the COVID-19 Sub-Group, said:  

The overwhelming evidence from across the world is that children are safest in school and that school closures increase educational inequalities and have long-term detrimental outcomes for young people. Scotland’s success in providing primary and secondary children full-time, in-person learning from mid-August should be an example for other countries in the world deciding their schools policy. The key factor in keeping schools open and safe is to reduce community prevalence by ensuring appropriate public health measures and restrictions are put in place to reduce community transmission.


The leading academic? Me! Obviously! If Pennington gets to be a leading whatever….

7 thoughts on “leading academic accuses one or two teachers of showing a ‘total lack of perspective and understanding’ and journalist of total lack of evidence

  1. Prof there are a couple of typos in the title there, it’s catching…
    As for gas lighting? Teachers think the ScotGov are gas lighting them?
    The ScotGov are not sowing any seeds of doubt, or questioning teachers’ judegment, they are informing people of the facts as they stand, that is not gas lighting! ‘Frustrated’ about what? Having to teach kids face to face?
    The anon tells us all we need to know. I very much doubt there are serious ‘gagging clauses’ in teachers’ contracts, if so lets have the evidence then.
    The only ones doing any ‘gaslighting’ are the pretendy journo’s, telling people what to believe even when there is factual evidence to confirm otherwise.
    Scotland is being seriously gas lighted by the BritNat media and it’s not about to ease off anytime soon.

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    1. There is no ‘gagging clause’ in the teachers’ contract. There is a requirement to respect pupils’ confidential details and any personal information they know about colleagues. This is not specific to teachers. All other groups who have contact with people which requires them to provide personal data confidentially, have a similar constraint.


  2. I don’t understand why you’re being so modest, of course you’re a leading academic. As far as I’m aware you don’t find professorships in lucky bags, you have to put in a lot of time & significant effort.

    The only easy way to legitimately use the title, that I know of, is to run a Punch & Judy show.


  3. ” rises in cases ” might add, down to stupid parents and families who put holidays to Spain/ abroad over health. I seem to remember a few articles in the media where Tory / Labour teachers and councillors where determined to switch their brains off and holiday abroad against SG advice.


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