Better off out from under the UK’s broad shoulders

The Irish Government and businesses there, have been preparing for the worst Brexit deal for years now and the above advice to hauliers makes it clear there are alternatives available to them.

All-too-aware of the looming chaos in Kent with thousand of lorries delayed for days, weeks, months, and the underlying contempt for their interests in the UK Tory leadership, they have begun to act in a way Scotland can only dream of.

Perhaps this kind of thinking, two years ago, has made things even clearer:

Can Ireland’s hauliers actually bypass the UK? The above advice suggests so and this from more than two years ago seem to confirm it:

Note that they launched that monster in April 2018 so they must have been planning this kind of thing since soon after the EU referendum in the UK. I wonder why the Irish felt they could not trust the British?

The Celine, built in Dublin Port, can take 600 lorries at a time!

Did Sarah Smith cover this?

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11 thoughts on “Better off out from under the UK’s broad shoulders

  1. Ireland ensuring that they have an independent supply chain for essential food and medical supplies once England pulls up it’s drawbridge.
    I do wonder what our government has in mind?

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      1. arthetty
        If as is likely there indeed crucial shortages
        Of meds & food and disprotionately affecting Scotland
        Then woe betide them at Holyrood election
        As they will have no where to run for cover or
        Any credible excuse that is believed
        Tis a trap entirely of their own construction

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  2. With regards the Brits and Ireland as usual
    The Brits fail to comprehend that they are continually out manoeuvred by The Irish
    Who have proven time and time again that indeed that they are smarter
    But now they are more economically strong,have the Full backing and support of the EU & now soon to have Bidden and the US on their side
    Very bleak days and shark infested tidal and stormy waters SS Britania ( Titanic) has openly sailed into and no way of riding it out now and all the lifeboats taken up by asset rich Scots
    Tis a bleak future that beckons them now all alone in the ice cold waters of economic and International reality


    1. Warships won’t feed the people, they are immoral, the people are expendable. Britland is like a stick record, Scotland wants to move into the 21st century, but is being held back, only independence will enable Scotland to move forward, or, be taken backwards by Britland.

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  3. Correction John, the Celine long preceded Brexit in Ireland’s strategic transport planning. Unlike some, the Irish don’t blow millions to “friends” on a feasibility study for a bridge or tunnel over or under a massive munitions dump.

    What Brexit DID do in Ireland was focus minds on alternatives to the “land-bridge”, and various ferry route diversions are ready to roll as and when required, transport will be a purely UK problem.
    Ireland like the Dutch, Belgians and French have all their ducks in a row, it is only in the UK where they are rubber, lying in a box in the back office, marked “open in case of emergency”.

    Thanks for the reminder of Patel’s “starve the Irish” comments, had quite forgotten about that particularly nasty episode and the fury it generated.

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  4. At the Christenning of the Celine in Dublin port in April 2018

    Christian Cigrang, CEO, CLdN (the ship’s Luxembourg-based owners) said his company opened two routes from Dublin Port when Ireland was in the depths of a recession in 2015.
    He said this decision was underpinned “by believe of the capacity of the Irish people to fight themselves out of their hole – a belief that was fully justified”.
    I wonder when the last time a non Scot said that of us?

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