Never mind the bugs Jock, just sing ‘like they do in England!’

That evil Nicola Sturgeon, won’t even let the weans sing. See this plea:

Teachers have called on Nicola Sturgeon to ‘stop demonising singing’ during the coronavirus crisis to allow children to be able to properly engage with music lessons. A review of ‘the science’ carried out by a Scottish music education charity [MEPG] concluded that there is no data showing a “statistically significant” added risk of viral transmission from singing and playing musical instruments on top of the “already considerable risk” in gathering socially when Covid restrictions are in place.

And ‘the science?’

Well it’s one study but it is ‘ground-breaking‘ and ‘landmark!

It concludes, according to the Herald, that ‘singing is no more likely to spread aerosols and droplets (containing the virus) than talking at a similar volume.

I hesitate to question landmark research but ‘talking at a similar volume?’

That’ll be projecting your voice across the room, at times even shouting, like we used to encourage student teachers to do?

See any problems with that?

Here’s some ‘rigorous’ research:

High SARS-CoV-2 Attack Rate Following Exposure at a Choir Practice — Skagit County, Washington, March 2020

And, like they do in England? Where the infection rate is currently 70% higher and where 40% more, per head, have died?

Can I suggest they try this little number?

Ring-a-ring o’ roses,

A pocket full of posies,

A-tishoo! A-tishoo!

We all fall down.

8 thoughts on “Never mind the bugs Jock, just sing ‘like they do in England!’

  1. It gets more ridiculous by the day. Singing in groups has the potential to cause droplets of viruses to spread among those in the group, much easier than say, talking. There was a case of many people being infected who had sang in a choir a few months ago, it might have been Japan. There was a % of infection much higher due to the singing in an enclosed space, I think it was hundreds of people I will try to find the article. There was clear scientifuc evidence of widespread infection due to the singing and all had to be isolated.
    Who the hell comes out with crap about ‘demonising singing’, hopefully not a teacher worth their salt. The science has shown that singing in groups has much more potential for Covid to spread than not doing so, especially in enclosed spaces which is usually where it takes place. It’s common sense as well, if people use their nonces. Do all kids like singing anyway? Why do we make all kids sing in schools? What if they prefer playing guitar, or keyboard, let the kids do music, it’s instrumental to their fun time at school. 🙂


    1. Aside the real life choir incident, there was an information video a few months ago which graphically illustrated aerosol spread (micro-level) with various vocals right through to shouting. The speed of the “jet” and distances covered were quite an eye opener, and frankly a shock.

      The ‘stop demonising singing’ comment is political, and the MEPG conclusions runs completely CONTRARY to what scientists have already established.
      For the Herald to publish this nonsense on the grounds of free speech is deplorable, it is bluntly dangerous and potentially malicious.

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  2. Swan song of the media. The requiem. The death match of the media. Losing readership. People can just see through it.

    Listening to music is helping people through the pandemic following the rules. On the internet. Singing individually. Makes perfect sense. Singing is continuing under social distancing and isolating. Following the rules and guidelines. The pathetic press do not even recognise that happening all all around them. Ignorance beyond belief.

    It has not stopped people singing. Just following the rules. Concerts etc on the internet or shows on TV under social distancing rules. Schools follow the rules to keep people safe. Unlike the Press/MSM encouraging people to break the rules. Totally irresponsible. Costing people’s lives. Then misreporting statistics.

    The Press/media cannot analyse or reason. Beyond belief. Not worth the paper it is printed on. A recycling nightmare. Just adding to the problems that have to be sorted out. Dissing the planet and people’s lives.

    Non Dom tax evading owners in the vulnerable group about to keel over. Spreading a pack of lies and encouraging people to break the rules and guidelines. A danger during the pandemic. Encouraging others to break the rules. For donations/monies to line their pockets. Advertising revenues.

    The sycophant Westminster controlled Press/Media. Breaking all the laws and rules. Contemptible. No one believes it anymore.


  3. When it comes to songs how about a change to The Land of Hope and Glory
    Amended to read
    The Land of Disease and Atrocity


  4. Singing with masks? Safe? Unsafe?

    “Microscopic respiratory droplets generated by talking and breathing can hover in the air for minutes or hours and drift many metres horizontally before infecting people, argue 239 experts from 32 countries, in a commentary published in Clinical Infectious Diseases.1….

    ….“By ‘airborne’ we mean that the virus can be transmitted by inhalation of microscopic droplets generated from breathing, talking, singing, and not just from coughing and sneezing,” said Don Milton, professor of environmental health at the University of Maryland and one of the commentary’s authors. “This does not mean that the virus can spread as easily over long distances as do measles or tuberculosis. Most transmission happens in closed, indoor spaces where there is poor ventilation and crowding, and people are close together and talking loudly or singing without masks.””

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