Average lead for Yes is 6.9%. The people are not fooled


14 polls since the beginning of June, under fire from shrill MSM and opposition attacks on ‘SNP Civil Wars‘, ‘SNP Cover-ups’ and ‘SNP care home deaths‘ and the average lead is 6.9%.

In the last 7, the average lead is 7.7%.

It would be interesting if one of the pollsters was to ask a question like:

Is BBC Scotland reporting making you more or less likely to vote in favour of independence for Scotland?

14 thoughts on “Average lead for Yes is 6.9%. The people are not fooled

  1. Alisdair . . Mea Culpa. I listened to Giesler and Curtice, you were correct Prof Sir J. C. Did mention Brexit in passing, but the main thrust of the points made was linking a rise in Covid cases with a fall off in support for Scot Gov’s handling of pandemic.


    1. clydebuilt
      Then their inferences are very dangerous for them
      Given the exceedingly higher pro rata for infections in England
      Which without any doubt will only lead in the next 2 to 4 weeks and unfortunately to greater hospital,ICU admissions and Deaths
      Along with the collapse of EHNS
      I always had respect for Prof J.Curtice and his
      Critical impartial view upon polling
      But in this case he demonstrates a complete lack of comprehension of rising case numbers
      And in particular how such will pan out way out in Scotland,s favour as these matters evolve
      The disparity will become ever increasingly obvious to the point that NO ONE CAN IGNORE and have the completely opposite effect to which he refers
      Ah but to err is to be Human

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  2. “Is BBC Scotland reporting making you more or less likely to vote in favour of independence for Scotland?”

    I have another question I’d like to ask the public:

    ‘Based ONLY on what you learn from BBC Scotland’s daily news, how sh_t do you think Scotland must be – on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is ‘Scotland must be OK’ to 5 ‘Scotland must be one of the sh-tiest countries In Europe’?

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  3. stewartb
    For those that answer/ score 5
    Then no doubt they are knaves in taking any heed of what ABC (BBC) impart
    I would score personally 2
    With the caveat that it would be 1
    As soon as ABC are defunct in Scotland
    Tis from them that most of the foul smells originate


  4. Pollster get it wrong all the time. Analysis wrong. Support even higher? Pollsters used by vile politicians illegally. Manipulating the results. The whole industry is corrupt. To line their ill gotten gains. Brexit

    Support for SNP/Independence rising even higher, Brexit shambles and mess imploding. BBC lying bias a total disgrace. Not the reality that people experience. Not realistic or honest.


  5. Covid was a simple twist of fate, but the changing of the guard was already exhibiting itself in polls before that. Things have changed, and I expect Prof Curtice was stating the obvious, that one of us must know— the times, they are a-changin’–if true, I shall be released to the chimes of freedom.

    No doubt the masters of war, Brit nats down in the bunker, will be on desolation row and dont think twice (its alright) because they realise that its all over now, baby blue!
    Someday baby, the levees gonna break and we will be rollin’ and tumblin’ with thunder on the mountain, while standing in the doorway of freedom calls.


  6. The style of the media presentation has changed little from Pathé News.
    The Empire media message of superiority and of being the centre of attention has changed little. However the reality of that story has and it angers them. We no longer stand for the National Anthem. We no longer accept their version of history. We no longer believe the propaganda.

    My question is….why have we taken so long to act towards Independence in comparison to several dozen other Nations who proudly display their flag at the UN?
    It cannot be that people still believe it is a Union. Has the evidence post 2014 failed them? The Vow, Brexit, Internal Market, EU subsidy replacement etc etc

    We are outvoted 10:1 and will remain “catched and held tight” as stated in 1707

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    1. What we do have is 100% so called media that are anti SNP and anto independence, with broadcasting a reserved power to westminster, who are in total control of the narrative, Scotalnd is for sure up against it when it comes to getting the right info and facts out to some of the people. The BritNats hope it’s enough people to put the brakes on support for the SNP and independence. It’s not working though.
      I watched, on youtube I think, ‘The Cheviot, the Stag and the Black Black Oil’, where the play takes place with a live audience. Something struck me about the audience, they seemed to be just very nice, perhaps timid in their look, and in their faces. The Scottish people have been warriors, but also, at times quite soft and accepting perhaps of events? I am not originally Scottish so it’s just my observation.
      I saw the play at the Theatre as well, a few years back, it’s excellent, if rather tragic.
      Some though far fewer now, are clinging to British Nationalism, no matter what. My very old slightly Nazi, ‘perhaps they had the right idea’, whaaaa? jeezo(!) neighbour no longer says hello in the street, so they must be worried about their British nationalism being on a shoogly peg, oh well, no loss to Scotland that’s for sure.


      1. Talking about the BritNat meeja, over on the Guardian, one of the commenters said that in the European press they’d noticed several articles on Scottish Independence to the effect that “the little country could manage quite well on its own” (no apparent patronisation in the “little BTW).

        Maybe we just need to read more non-British papers. (Some – like, I think Der Spiegel even have an English version! 😀 )

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  7. Thanks for that reference to Der Spiegel there iusedtobeenglish.
    I took a look at the english language european version.
    They have some good articles, and represent and seem to understand the situation in the UK extremely well.

    Better analysis than most ‘British’ owned papers. (Do billionaire non-doms even count as British? )

    Example “Boris Johnson’s Failures Add Up to Eroding Trust”

    “In Scotland, meanwhile, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has emerged as the complete opposite of Johnson with her consistent and transparent corona strategy. Never before have surveys recorded as much support for Scottish independence as they do at the moment. And rarely has the United Kingdom been as disunited as it is under Boris Johnson’s leadership.”


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