‘Dire Warning’ is dangerous scaremongering with out-of-date figures by local Conservative MSP

Ayrshire Post 6th November 2020

This story which could easily scare you into thinking you might not get the best care if you had to be admitted to an Ayrshire hospital with Covid-19, is based on two-week old assumptions, made before the encouraging evidence that the surge is now under control.

As with other reports in the Post it gives an easy credit to a local Conservative MSP to appear to be looking out for the people when really he is just looking out for his electoral chances in 2021.

The Scottish Government report A levels approach to suppression of COVID-19 was written at a time, in the weeks before 25th October when it was not known if the restrictions introduced in Glasgow, Dunbartonshire and Lanarkshire, 6 weeks ago, and across the Central Belt, two weeks ago, were working. This graph helps us understand what has really been happening


Hospital and ICU admissions have clearly levelled-out and are probably beginning to fall (dotted lines).

New cases across Scotland have been plateauing and beginning to fall (dotted line) for two weeks now:


Deaths are tragically high but there is time lag before they fall. They will.

And in Ayrshire & Arran?


Positive cases have been falling (green line) from the 26th October.

So, the ‘dire warning‘ is fake news. There is no bed shortage crisis. Stay disciplined and we’ll come out of this.

The past-it report:

Click to access Indicators%2Bpaper%2B26%2BOct%2B1645.pdf

2 thoughts on “‘Dire Warning’ is dangerous scaremongering with out-of-date figures by local Conservative MSP

  1. Tory MSP using the tory rule book tells lies. As per the tory rule book. It’s what the tories do. Never mind if they scare people half to death with their lies and distortions or that their lies and distortions encourages some people not to follow the guidance from the Scottish Government.

    But it’s the SNP who are constantly playing constitutional politics according to the same tories. But, as stated and constantly proven to be the caser, said tories lie and distort.


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  2. I rember J. Scott claiming he had been an engineer. So he would have understood the relevance of the above report reguarding his article in the paper.
    J Scott MSP. was seriously ill not too long ago. . . . guessing it would have been the Scot. Gov. Administered NHS that helped him. . . . And now he’s playing political games with that very same organisation.

    An old relative told me that Scott goes round old folks venues, Bowling Greens, Womens Guild etc, very well mannered and smartly turned out.

    Never mind the politics, see what a gentleman I am!

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