Yes and SNP surge ahead as Douglas Ross fails to impress

Scottish Independence:

From Survation today, based on 1 071, 16+ adults, with fieldwork 28th October to 3rd November, online.

The 12th consecutive poll with a majority for Yes and support up from the last poll by Survation:

Scottish Parliament Constituency Vote:

15 polls in a row giving SNP more than 50% for the Holyrood constituency vote and Conservatives continuing to fade under Douglas Ross:

Westminster Election:

8 polls in a row with SNP support for the Westminster election at more than 50% to almost wipe out opposition and Douglas Ross taking Scottish Cons into 3rd place:


5 thoughts on “Yes and SNP surge ahead as Douglas Ross fails to impress”

  1. Dross is on the Repressing Scotland evening news, night after night.
    Assertions galore, but never to be questioned,
    As Shakespear tried hard to say—

    “Yon DRossy has a dumb and glaikit’ look,
    He thinks of coo’s too much, such men are vaporous”!

    The North of England asked for a furlough extension, then Wales and N Ireland for their “circuit breakers”—all refused. Then Scotland asked for the same consideration as “England” when they shut down.
    Boris being clever, thought it a good wheeze to “reward” DRossie by giving him (undeserved) credit for extending furlough till march—a policy the Chancellor absolutely did not want.
    As time goes by, and traditional Tories contemplate the mounting debt, it will be DRossies name they remember.
    His name will be what he used to hose down in the byre.

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  2. Downing Street in July, with Boris in a panic–“Get Ruthie in here pronto”.

    “Ruthie, what the feck can we do”?
    ” We have to dump Carlot, he has no style and smells a bit off”.
    “Done, what then Ruthie”?
    “WE need a “clean skin”–some idiot no one has heard of, that we can train up, like a North Korean, and send out to fool the Scots into thinking he has a plan”.
    “Good thinking, Ruthie. We can get that vacant looking weirdo into post. Whats his name again–there are so many dumb lumps in the Scot Tories, it gets confusing”?
    “Doug–errrrm, no!……………. Its Ross Douglas, I think” “He’s the one that smells of cow pats”.
    “Then he’s the boy for us. He will beat of these pesky Nats. Hahaha!”.

    And the rest is history!
    How DRossie became as famous as Benedict Arnold, and lost Scotland.
    Luckily, we knew where it was all the time.

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  3. Reporting Scotland actually had a piece by Glenn Campbell (he, who ostentatiously tore up an SNP election leaflet on camera) which actually reported that opinion polls in Scotland were indicating majority support for independence. However, after the factual part, he concluded with a comment damning this ‘lead’ with faint praise and casting doubt on it.


    1. Alasdair
      Re.Glen Campbell
      And for the avoidance of doubt
      Let us deliver the only poll that matters
      I.E Holyrood 2021 and deliver a resounding majority for Indy supporting parties
      And as a act of kindness would someone send Mr.Campbell a bottle of smelling salts for the result and preferably sourced and sent from a


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