Sad Commentary on Tory Incompetence


As lockdowns were eased and schools and universities re-opened, cases began to rise across the UK. The UK Government has tried three interventions since then, all constrained by pressure from powerful business interests, many sponsors, all cursed by poor communication skills, all unsuccessful.

Labour-run Wales may have acted too late it seems. Northern Ireland, too has acted late. It seems to be working now but a terrible price may be paid in lives as death catches up with infections.

The above Independent SAGE graph suggests Scotland’s strategy is working though, typically Anglocentric, they have missed the partial lockdowns imposed in Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Dunbartonshire more than 5 weeks ago, in Scotland’s most infected areas. Those seem more likely to have triggered the slowing two weeks ago than any new measures only imposed then.

6 thoughts on “Sad Commentary on Tory Incompetence”

  1. Not even sure the EngGov can be relied on to tell the whole truth about numbers of infection in England. They lie about everything else. They have handled the pandemic appallingly, complete shambles of a government especially in the past few months. One of the things noticeable, is, that many of those in England just cannot bear to see Scotland do better than them, on anything. Looked at a tweet by Nicola Sturgeon earlier, the pile on of comments from BritNats in England are just mind bogglingly full of disdain, much ignorance in most cases, but they can’t bear the idea of their own country losing, it’s as if it’s a competition. It was same in 2014, people I know in England were livid that Scotland might do better without them. It revealed a jealous streak, I suspect it is fed by the media, but it’s a type of othering and it’s sinister. You think you’re better huh, we’ll see!
    Divide and rule, where you’d think there would be a commonality in wanting people to do well,
    so that it might rub off on your country. Anyway, I’m rambling, but, if Scotland was shown to be succeeding in anyway due to good governance, then people in rUK might start to ask questions about their own government, but maybe that’s just not cricket in unruly Britannia!

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  2. The Tory mess and shambles. What a state. Total incompetence and utter disgrace. The dregs of the human race. Losing support for total incompetence. Johnston will be gone before long. The Brexit catastrophe unfolding. Kicking the can down the road at every opportunity. Reactive not proactive. Lie after lie.

    Labour is chaos again. Losing members. Utter incompetence. Who wants the poison chalice? Not them.

    Support for SNP/Independence rising. People have to vote for it.

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  3. Tories–utterly useless, thieving, incompetent flip-flop champions of the Universe–with wee Dougie entering his own, local flip-flopper team (though they dont seem to pay any attention to him). Oh, did i mention corrupt? The awarding of multi £million Covid contracts to their own school-pals, wives, cousins etc is a disgrace.

    Labour–“see you Jimmie”, bunch of ideological buffoonish idiots—remind me of the British Communist party of the 60’s which kept splitting into smaller and smaller hate-filled factions—anyway, Shir Keir will have had his tea. He may win a few seats off the useless Tories but is doomed anywhere else–especially Scotland, which he appears clueless about.

    As the latest Politico poll shows, Scotland has had enough of these clowns.


  4. Add corruption to incompetence.

    “PPE Medpro won two contracts worth over £200m to supply PPE to the NHS. The £100 company, set up by the former business associate of Conservative peer Baroness Mone, won the contract just seven weeks after it was set up.
    SG Recruitment UK Limited, a staffing agency, won two PPE contracts worth over £50m, despite auditors raising concerns about its solvency. Tory Peer Lord Chadlington sits on the Board of its parent company, Sumner Group Holdings Limited.
    P14 Medical Limited, controlled by former Conservative Councillor Steve Dechan, who stood down in August this year, was awarded three contracts worth over £276m despite having negative £485,000 in net assets.
    The leaked documents disclose that special procurement channels – outside the normal process – were set up for VIPs.”


  5. “Here is my latest heatmap for Covid cases.

    Once again, it is very concerning.

    *157* cases per 100,000 in over-85 year-olds
    *110* cases per 100,000 in over 70 year-olds

    This sadly means that there will be hundreds of deaths in the coming weeks.”

    Tweet from Dr Duncan Robertson, Loughborough Uni on 29 October


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