There need be no nation-wide lockdown here

Opening with dramatic announcements from the leaders of Germany and France, Newsnight, proceeds to discuss the future for the UK ignorant of the fact that things are moving differently in Scotland.

We hear:

As UK case numbers continue to surge are country-wide lockdowns inevitable across the UK?

So could we and would we follow stricter rules if necessary in a national lockdown?

Introduced with UK figures, two English academics attack the UK Government’s messaging and predict less than solid compliance with lock-down rules.

Meanwhile, in a land not that far away, things are already very different:

In Scotland, the infection level is falling and has done for nearly one week. The 7 day average too, which takes longer to react than the daily variation has fallen for the last 2 days.

Even in the most infected areas, subject to stricter measures for 6 weeks now, the infection level has been falling for 7 days:!/vizhome/COVID-19DailyDashboard_15960160643010/Overview

North Lanarkshire, Scotland’s ‘hotspot’ now has a 7 day average of 134.9 cases per 100 000 compared to Salford at 602 or Bolton at 558 or Wigan at 676.

With infection levels in other parts of the UK between 30% and 90% higher and still rising in England & Wales, a nation-wide lock-down is neither necessary nor sensible here.

6 thoughts on “There need be no nation-wide lockdown here”

  1. Lockdown in England is on the cards. It will mean people moving into Scotland to escape to their bolt holes, ie, air b&b, and festival flats will be fully occupied, again, by their well off owners. The one near us where the English owners moved in for lockdown and put up a huge flagpole with a butchers apron flag, then f’d off and left it there, will no doubt be back.
    The English government have made so many deliberate errors in dealing with this pandemic, it’s criminal. The usual ‘countrywide’ UK, myth carries on, they just can’t help themselves can they, these BBC BritNats.

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    1. Part of me thinks that if England locked down the the Scottish Government would be inclined to follow suit.

      Even if our trend is declining and cases per million much lower, a strict lockdown might be capable of taking us back towards June levels of the virus again.

      Anyway, I do wish England would stop dithering, but a perfect storm of Barnard Castle, very right-wing Tories always on the lookout to rebel and their supporting press means I won’t be holding my breath.

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  2. Interesting article on BBC Wales this morning which includes this “”The reality is that if there were effective inter-governmental liaisons, it would have been quite possible for agreement to be reached on employment support, lockdown measures, but I don’t think you can blame the devolved governments for that.”
    Time to swap to Welsh reports rather than hoping BBC Scotland will step up to the challenge of impartial & factual reporting

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  3. Does Kirsty Wark live in London? Or is she being tested on a regular basis. Or moving back and forwards. Disobeying lockdown. One of the deniers. Don’t do as they do. Do as they say. BBC lies and propaganda on a daily basis. Illegally interfering in Scottish Court cases. Spreading vile bile. An unnecessary virus. “Out dark spot’. McBeth.

    The Tories had to get rid of Thatcher for closer ties with Europe. To aid the economy. A pardon for the miners. Better late than never. Going back to the 1980’s. High unemployment, violence, trouble and strife. Interest rates 16%. The Barnett Formula. Scotland’s wealth and resources take, illegally and secretly. The McCrone Report kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. Never trust a Tory, especially in Scotland. Going down 10%?

    Iraq, Lockerbie, Dunblane kept secret for 100 years.

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  4. They talk about ‘countrywide’ and ‘across the UK’ but wait, the UK government, really the English government, have told Scotland you are getting diddly squat cash to help your businesses lol so suck it up Nicky and your pal Kate! Not so ‘countrywide’ eh. Hmm.
    I just read that apparently the EngGov of the UK are so damn busy doing Covidy things that Scotland is to shut up and put up, because there’s just no ‘bandwidth’ left over for ya! Sounds like a threat…

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