Latest from WHO on ‘circuit breakers’ and England’s teenage contact tracers

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By Brenda Steele:

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme:

David Nabarro says ‘circuit breakers’ should be reserve rather than primary measure

National lockdowns should be used only as a “reserve” measure to control coronavirus, according to the World Health Organization’s special envoy on Covid.

Dr David Nabarro said “circuit breakers” should not be a “primary measure” for tackling the spread of Covid, as France prepares for its next national lockdown and Germany introduces tighter national measures.

The UK government continues to say it will do “everything we can” to avoid a national lockdown, despite pressure from its own advisers to impose one.

A leaked document produced by modellers on the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) found that under a “reasonable worst-case scenario”, 85,000 people could die from a second Covid wave, and 356,000 people could be hospitalised.

If you have been watching the WHO Press conferences, this is what they have been saying all along, over and over again.   You can get to them via this link:

The next one is tomorrow Friday 30th October – late afternoon.  
So, what is the UK Government doing to get the test and trace system into shape?  This makes scary reading. 

How teenagers ended up operating crucial parts of England’s test and trace system

Until last week, the workers at the call centre were doing the simplest job in the tracing chain, calling those who have been identified as contacts of infected people and telling them to isolate themselves for 14 days, giving them some scripted advice and collecting a small amount of data. But last week, the call centre announced that all the workers on this contract were being “upskilled”. Instead of making these simple calls, they would now be calling infected patients and discovering all their contacts over the past fortnight. To use the official terms, they have suddenly been promoted from level 3 call handlers to level 2 clinical contact caseworkers.

5 thoughts on “Latest from WHO on ‘circuit breakers’ and England’s teenage contact tracers”

  1. As far as England concerned what is of vital importance is sight and study of the contract conditions,specification,performance standards and penalties of the contracts awarded to the Private companies awarded the Test Trace contracts
    1 of 2 things will then become evident
    Either the contract is fit for the purpose it was intended or it is a licence for the contractor to print money
    No coconut prize for guessing which one of 1 or 2 correct

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  2. Teenagers? I don’t get it, are they working in the call centres? Is this the new style of cannon/factory fodder of England? Not giving the nasty Graun clickbait…sorry.


    1. Tis the pensioners and those of ill health they are clearing out
      Saves their coffers which are empty
      So tis the borrowing than can be reduced
      Say 50 k pensioners at 10 k PA over day ave 5 yr life span of further payments
      Then add the ill health say 50k anual cost of 20k PA OVER 20 yrs and you now
      Saving billions
      Believe they have already done the sums with their bean counting abacus
      And each bean as a death is a whole lot of beans as far as their reckoning is concerned


    2. Many of them are working from home thus withought supervision. They are on minimum wage. The work they are now being asked to do should be done by a clinician, health worker or someone with a science degree/background. They would not be working for minimum wage. Draw your own conclusions.

      I did read the article because it was not ‘clickbait’ of the type the Herald specialises in but an article giving real information


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