OUTRAGE as Herald headlines Anti-English views

In the Herald today:

A £29m contract to maintain and service a large chunk of Scottish Government-owned lifeline ferries has been awarded to an English shipbuilder over a Scots company that has been supporting vessels on the Clyde for over 100 years. Concerns have been raised over how the deal to maintain and service six Scottish Government owned lifeline ferries was given to Merseyside shipbuilder Cammell Laird over Aberdeen-headquartered Dales Marine who have operations in the Garvel Dry Dock in Greenock.

Last time I looked we were still part of the United Kingdom. Even if we were independent wouldn’t CalMac still be allowed to buy ferries elsewhere?

Willie Rennie MSP is known for his staunch opposition to anti-Englishness, even when no one else can see it. He must be furious about this.

The leader of the Scottish Conservatives must be asked about this outrage. I feel sure he’ll want to rush to the defence of Scottish shipbuilders just like he did for fishermen and farmers.

He’s in Kazakhstan?

4 thoughts on “OUTRAGE as Herald headlines Anti-English views”

  1. while I fully take your point John, there is an issue about the way in which work to benefit our country disappears to other countries. I know there are EU regs – which will apply till the end of this year – but the French for instance dont seem overly troubled by them.

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  2. I can’t believe I am about say this but I agree with the Herald on this.
    Having been built on the Clyde, obviously I wan’t to see jobs safeguarded in Scotland on the Clyde.
    If the jobs went south due to EU regs, could’nt some creative thinking have saved the day. . . eg. Postpone contract for few months till out of EU.


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