BBC Scotland uses England’s top statistician to inform us inadequately on trends here

Little useful analysis from the BBC Scotland report:

Earlier, the UK’s national statistician said there was “no question” that the UK was experiencing a second wave of coronavirus cases. Professor Sir Ian Diamond, from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), told the BBC’s Andrew Marr show: “I think there is no question we are in a second wave. We are seeing infections rise very quickly.”

He said that in England about one in 130 people had the virus, with estimates for Scotland and Wales being “a little lower” and in Northern Ireland “a little higher. Even if we were to get R in the north to around about one, it would continue to have infections at a high rate. I really do think it’s too early to say on slowing down.”

I feel sure ‘In the North‘ means Lancashire, not Scotland, in this BBC Scotlandanalysis.

Here’s some data the Diamond Geezer won’t be bothered with:

Infection level rise flattening off, perhaps beginning to fall.

Infection rate increase per 1 million population, significantly lower in Scotland.!/vizhome/COVID-19DailyDashboard_15960160643010/Overview

In an area which has had stricter measures longer, levels now falling.

7 thoughts on “BBC Scotland uses England’s top statistician to inform us inadequately on trends here”

  1. Sir Ian Diamond. Principal of Aberdeen University till 2018. Had to pay back remuneration. Totally over the top. Broke regulations. The £Millions glass library while pleading poverty. Conflict with the unions and the university senate. Job cuts. Faulty statistics. Figures.

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  2. Since, earlier in his statement, he had referred specifically to Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, to indicate differences, albeit(they?) relatively small ones. So, in the context of the statement he was making, I think it is reasonable to infer that ‘north’ referred to Lancashire, Yorkshire, Durham, Northumbria. And, of course, the writer of the BBC Scotland piece new this, but decided to use the ambiguity in ‘north’ to imply ‘North Britain’. It is the continuing tactic of Denigration by juxtaposition.

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  3. Thanks for link to phs regional graphs Note that Lanarkshire also falling. ONS was also responsible for misleading press releases about Scotland excess deaths. They are part of the plan to make Englands ghastly record look less awful.

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  4. The London establishment ard trying to push the narrative of local responsibility for health management but use UK “national” statistics both of which are designed to cover up their incompetence.

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    1. Britnat disease affecting the BEEB in Scotland?
      Sadly its incurable.
      We’ll just have to put the poor beast to sleep.


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