More Hospital admissions ’caused by’ SNP tough restrictions?

First thing this morning on BBC Scotland, we hear:

Ten days after tough restrictions came into force aimed at tackling a sharp rise in coronavirus cases in the Central Belt, senior clinicians from NHS Lothian say they’ve seen a dramatic rise in the number of patients admitted to hospital. At St John’s Hospital in Livingston, one Covid ward is already full and space is being created elsewhere. Staff there, say they’re worried about what the next few weeks will hold.

I had to replay that opening line but I’m still unsure what they’re trying to say.

Usually, for Reporting Scotland ‘after‘ is the preferred choice to imply ‘caused by‘ when they say things like:

Two babies died in a Glasgow hospital after fungal infections were found in their blood.

Are they trying to imply, sneakily, that the restrictions have not worked? I don’t want to seem paranoid so I asked a 21 year-old university student and a 65 year-old recently retired form the NHS. Both said:

They’re suggesting the restrictions have not worked.

BBC Scotland, then interviewed one clinician who talked of ‘challenge‘ but didn’t mention the fact that NHS Scotland had coped with the massive surge in April and May nor the that the back-up Louisa Jordan had not been needed.

8 thoughts on “More Hospital admissions ’caused by’ SNP tough restrictions?”

  1. The people being admitted to hospital now will have been infected BEFORE the new restrictions came into place. Because of the incubation period of the virus there is always a time lag between the time a person becomes infected, the first appearance of symptoms and then a further delay – possibly short or long – before hospitalisation is required..

    Of course the BBC Hope’s we have forgotten that or did not know it in the first place.

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    1. Of course it is not by accident that this Livingston hospital was highlighted. It has just been announced that Children’s services have been fully restored at the hospital after a difficult few years. Burying good news as usual.


  2. A new translation of the bible from Greco-Aramiac to Bullingdonish O’Anglosphere.

    In the new Boris Babble–

    “And Gawd said–let there be a plague on the House of Jock, and the first born will die until the blah-de-blah generation, and his name will be as dirt to the Children of Boris”. “Unless they abase themselves, in sack cloth and ashes and pay me a BIG retainer”!

    As to be reported in the BBC Hoot’n’annie, Hootmon, Harod, Suppress, Torygraf and Daily Heil.

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  3. If Scotland cannot close the border soon, the numbers will just keep going up. I see the big planes flying in and out of Edinburgh, are people arriving being tested? Are they required to quarantine? Without being too paranoid, and certainly not biased but I have heard a few Liverpool and Yorkshire accents in our part of Edinburgh past few days, actually not that usual!
    Scotland needs lockdown again and to stop people travelling into and temporarily staying in Scotland to escape hotspots in England, it’s what happened at the beginning! Air b&b and festival flats around us suddenly became F/T occupied for weeks,SUV’s galore, owners moved into Scotland to escape worst of it in England. We must stop that happening again.
    Scotland will not see a drop in cases again while people can come and go as they please without testing and strict quarantine measures imposed.
    The BritNat gov will be delighted right now, and if things get even worse they will demand NS step down, meanwhile Scotland’s NHS will struggle, a win win for the BritNats!


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