Don’t waste your TIME. The answer is ‘Diddley’

How damaging is Sturgeon-Salmond rift?

To the SNP?

To the independence movement?

To the First Minister?

Judging by the evidence from the last election and the last ten opinion polls, not at all.

Cancel the show?

Scotland Tonight will not satisfy unless you’re into navel-gazing and pointless opinionated waffle from members of the Commentariat.

Here’s the damage the rift has done to the independence movement:

Here’s the damage the rift has done to the SNP:

Here’s the damage the rift has done to the First Minister:

I won’t be watching.

3 thoughts on “Don’t waste your TIME. The answer is ‘Diddley’”

  1. Alex Massie? Isn’t he someone who makes a pretty good living by bad-mouthing Sturgeon and the government she leads?

    By proclaiming the demise of the SNP and the pro-independence cause on a weekly, monthly, yearly basis—“oh, they haven’t collapsed THIS time, but wait till the Salmond trial/inquiry/post trial trial/trial by media/lynch mob journalist–just wait; we’ll get him yet”.

    It isn’t just Massie. There are a whole dancing troupe of Brit Nat scribblers–Massie, Daisley, Cochrane, Jhul et al, who get their daily bread by the scribbling most outrageous nonsense, lies and hyperbole.

    They fear independence greatly. What would they write about: who would pay them–when we go?

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  2. …followed by a spitfire flyover, a selection of “Great British” programmes with well placed UJ cushions and bunting, The movie Dunkirk, and another replay of the 2012 Olympics etc etc

    Why not go the full distance and play subliminal chants of “You are British”

    This is the News where you are!….North Britain…not to be confused with the real North I.e. Leeds, Manchester etc

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