Scottish Tory calls for less private surgery!

In the Herald, we read:

Read that last sentence. What the…?

Is Whittle trying to have us believe that consultants who do private operations for big bucks, are being forced to do so when they would rather not do them?

Who does he think might be forcing them? Their wives, husbands?

And, doesn’t Whittle know what party he is in? Maybe he should read these:

‘Selling off NHS for profit’: Full list of MPs with links to private healthcare firms:

Revealed: private surgery for NHS patients soars under Tories:

6 thoughts on “Scottish Tory calls for less private surgery!

  1. Whittle can run a bit fast. or he could at one point. Then there is this!

    “Whittle sparked a row over the two-child cap on tax credits by claiming “there is no such thing as a rape clause”, claiming it was impossible to debate the controversial welfare reform as “the term rape clause is an invention to beat the Tories with”. The remarks were widely condemned and described as “skin-crawling” by other parties.[5]”

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  2. The Tories surely can’t fit through many doors nowadays, their brass necks must be close to bursting. Come on SNP, get those surgeons in hand cuffs and march them to the SNHS hospitals right this minute! How dare they be free to choose to work for loads more dosh in private healthcare that the Tories er, love and cherish, and who are laughing all the way to the bank off the profits.
    It’s as with lawyers, you can’t get ’em to work for less than a few £k a day
    by forcing them to take on legal aid cases!

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  3. Minute proportion of private care. Non existent. £12.5Billion spent on the SNHS. More pro rata than elsewhere. MUP. Social care keeps people out of hospital. The elderly can stay in their own homes. Social care £60+ a week. Residential care home £600+ a week. Hospital care £600 a day. Scottish Gov keeps costs down. Proper rehab counselling should be under the NHS for Drs referrals. Not under social care the unionist councils do not provide it. Renege.upon it.

    Tory/LibDem ConDems austerity killed people. Cut the NHS budget £20Billion instead of increasing it.


  4. The Torres cut taxes, especially for the wealthiest. Tax evaders. The Tories want to charge insurance for healthcare. This would harm the most vulnerable. There would be a two tier health system. The public, universally, support a publicly funded healthcare system. The NHS is one of the most supported institution. Health before wealth. Equality of service when there is a need for care.

    The Westminster unionists support illegal wars and illegal arms sales. Rather than funding healthcare, saving people’s lives and relieving poverty. Worldwide. Keeping it secret under the Official Secrets Act. Abusing and wasting public monies. Without proper public scrutiny. To illegally line their pockets. Breaking the Law with impunity. They have been at it for years.

    Trident, Hinkley Point and HS2 a complete waste of monies. There are cheaper more meaningful, useful alternatives. The monies saved
    could be better spent on essential services. Vote them out for Brexit chaos and illegally wasting public money.

    Vote SNP/Independence for a better way.


  5. Brian Whittle, Conservative MSP, is one of those articles that cannot easily be polished. He was the author of this misconceived piece of rubbish.

    “The aim of this document is to start setting out a long term alternative strategy for Health, Wellbeing and Sport. It will specifically look at the connection between having an active lifestyle and making healthy choices and the issue of barriers to inclusion and participation leading to increasing health inequality and a widening attainment gap.”

    It is certainly the case that lifestyle choices are important for the health of individuals and it is true that there are barriers that prevent such healthy choices being exercised. It is, on the other hand, widely recognised by researchers across the world that the way to address health inequalities is to tackle their fundamental causes, the unfair, unequal distribution of wealth, income and power. Though one might not easily see evidence of it in practice, the UK Conservative government appears to have recognised this research by endorsing the Marmot Review, 2010.

    Mr Whittle seems entirely unaware that a focus on lifestyle choices has been specifically rejected as a means of addressing health inequalities by those professors giving evidence to the Scottish parliament in 2015. Here is some more evidence on what is really important

    “Inequalities are caused by a fundamental inequity in the distribution of money, power and resources. This has an impact on the opportunities for, among other things, good quality work, education and housing. In turn, these determinants shape individual experiences and health throughout life.((Beeston C, McCartney G, Ford J, Wimbush E, Beck S, MacDonald W, et al. Health Inequalities Policy review for the Scottish Ministerial Task Force on Health Inequalities. Edinburgh: NHS Health Scotland, 2013.))(( Marmot M, Atkinson T, Bell J, Black C, Broadfoot P, Cumberlege J, et al. Fair Society, Healthy Lives. The Marmot Review. London: The Marmot Review, 2010.))

    The scale of the health inequalities problem is strongly influenced by the magnitude of the underlying inequalities within a society. Action on the worsening trends in health inequalities needs to be re-balanced to address the fundamental drivers of social inequality that determine inequalities in income, employment, education and daily living conditions.”

    It is remarkable to find Mr Whittle so ignorant of what is at issue in health inequalities. They are a structural problem arising out of socio-economic conditions, not one of individual lifestyle choice.

    His ignorance extends apparently to actions by successive Labour and Conservative governments. PFI, with the prioritisation of debt to the PFI provider, resulted in NHS Trusts in England having to reduce bed number and services to meet debt. The Health and Social Care Act of 2012 opened up further the privatisation of NHS services in England. In 2018/19, 9.2 billion pounds was being spent on private health services in England. The effect of PFI and increased privatisation was a reduction in the provision of NHS services and a consequent reduction of the block grant to the devolved governments.

    The squeeze on service provision by the NHS opened up the door to private companies. Specialist consultants have been enticed away from the NHS. In England, some NHS cancer specialists in London have been offered shares in private companies to entice them to join.

    Private service provision is often bad service, very harmful to health. Ian Paterson, formerly a breast surgeon, is in jail for 20 years for hundreds of botched, unnecessary operations. There are many other examples. See here, for instance.

    The covid-19 crisis is being used by the Tory government to privatise further the NHS in England with the results of test and trace, PPE procurement and other disasters costing lives.

    It is the rankest hypocrisy of Whittle to criticise the Scottish government for a situation brought about by successive Unionist governments.

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