Old Firm fans let Scottish media down with no show!

The manchester boozer in Blacpool was quiet
Credit: Dave Nelson

I’m shocked. What happened to the hordes of Old Firm fans we expected in Blackpool to watch the game and drink at the same time, in a pub?

Only minutes after the final whistle, the Sun had the above image of no fans and was able to report:

Pics from Blackpool show pubs and streets deserted – after the city was placed under Tier Three restrictions yesterday.

That can’t be true. Look at these from trusted outlets like BBC Scotland, the Daily Record and the Herald:

Haven’t their investigative reporters infiltrated supporter groups to bring us the facts?

4 thoughts on “Old Firm fans let Scottish media down with no show!

  1. Investigative reporters?

    Fiction writers – I am being euphemistic.

    Old Firm fans are not all morons.They have families. They want to remain healthy. Stereotyping by the media.

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  2. The BritNat daily rags operating in and against Scotland must have access to an alternate universe, where Scottish fans ‘bombarded’ Blackpool counter to advice and current situation re Covid global pandemic. Just as well we all live in this universe where reality tells us the people of Scotland don’t fancy catching Covid19 not even for Football. Maybe cardboard cut-outs or those fancy laser projections like they have in star trek, so it looks like there were fans in Blackpool will be next, the BritNats must be desperate as hell by now.


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